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Keller Series PD41X Differential Low Range Pressure Transmitter
  • Keller Series PD41X Differential Low Range Pressure Transmitter

PD41X Low Range Differential Pressure Transmitter.

Quick Overview

The PD41X series are designed for measuring differential pressure values in the mBar and µBar ranges and features a port suitable for non-aggressive dry gases as a reference pressure for the measuring cell. The Series 41X capacitive pressure transmitter from Keller combines a ceramic measurement cell for low pressure ranges with the µP electronics of the digital series 30 transmitter. The pressure values from the signals of the pressure and temperature sensors are determined by polynomial compensation. The values can be displayed and stored on a PC via an RS485 interface and programming can also be carried out. Analogue outputs are scaleable within the sensors range using the CC30 software and options are available for 4-20mA or 0-10V.



Pressure Ranges:





Analogue Output: 4-20mA (2-Wire) 0-10V (3-Wire)
Power Supply: 8-28vDC (10-32vDC PR41XEi) 13-28vDC (15-32vDC PR41XEi)
Error Band (10-50°C) 0.1 %FS typical 0.2 %FS typical
Operating Temperature -20...80°C
Comp. Temp. Range 10...50°C
Pressure Connection ¼" BSP Male Thread, with Viton Flat Seal
Material in Contact with Media Stainless Steel 316L, Nitrile O-Ring, Gold-coated Ceramic Membrane
EMC Conformity EN 61000-6-1 to 6-4 / EN 61326-1 / EN 61326-2-3


 PD41X Pressure Transmitter Diagram


With the CCS30 software and the relevant K114 converter, the calculated pressure can be displayed on a computer. The CCS30 software also allows the recording and graphic display of pressure signals on a PC, adjustments of the zero point, rescaling the analogue output range and call up information on the unis pressure, temperature ranges and serial numbers. Up to 128 transmitters can be hooked together to a Modbus or Keller Bus protocols systems.

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Price as configured: £860.00


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Description       PD41X Pressure Transmitter with RS485 interface, Stainless Steel body, Nitrile O-Ring and Gold coated ceramic membrane. Standard thread is 1/4" BSP with male thread and Viton flat seal.