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OmniText D2 GSM Data Logging and Alarm Unit, Web Enabled

OmniText D2 GSM Data Logging and Alarm Unit, Web Enabled

Quick Overview

The OmniText D2 is a battery powered data logging and SMS alarm unit with up to 2 programmable inputs suitable for pulse counts. This unit is ideal for providing small scale remote monitoring of energy meters, flow meters or other pulse counting applications. The unit can also operate as a data logger with historic data and latest readings published on our M2M Web Interface or sent directly to up to 10 mobiles.
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The unit can operate for up to 1 year using internal battery power, sending 1 SMS text message per day. SMS alarm messages can be sent to up to 10 mobile phones In data logging mode the unit sends up to 33 logged values with each text message. Typical example - 2 inputs logged at 30 minute interval would require 3 SMS message per day to send data to a mobile phone or to our web interface where data can be viewed in table format and downloaded to MS Excel.

  • SMS Text Alarm Unit
  • Data logger with 5 min - 24 hour log interval
  • 2 inputs for pulse counter input ( totalising or resetting )
  • Low power battery operation
  • Battery life up to 5 year with 1 SMS message per week
  • 3 x AA Lithium battery power supply
  • Serial interface for direct programming from a PC.
  • Optional daily status message
  • Sends logged readings at preset intervals
  • Low battery alarm


Logging and alarms for:

  • Remote water metering
  • Remote gas meters
  • Remote electricity meters

Use our web interface to view data from the OmniText online

Virtual panel meters display latest readings from your remote loggers

View logged data in table format and download to CSV file.

To view our M2M Web interface publishing data from the OmniText units and other remote data acquisition devices click here

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Components / Downloads

For further information, technical advice, or a quotation please call or email us. If you are not sure which product you need one of our technical sales advisors will be happy to discuss your application. We also accept company purchase orders by fax or post. Credit card orders can also be placed over the phone for any product.

OmniText GSM Logging and SMS Alarm System
OmniText GSM Logging and SMS alarm system with 2 x pulse counter inputs suitable for rain gauges, flow meters, power meters, etc or 2 x digital state inputs. The OmniText-D2 will send logged data to the designated mobile number(s) or our M2M web interface, plus the unit will monitor the inputs and send an SMS alarm message for any alarm conditions. Up to 10 mobile number can be programmed for alarming and also to allow for the remote configuration of the unit via SMS text message. Power supply 3 x Lithium AA batteries, estimated life of 5 years based on one SMS message sent per week and in low power mode. Supplied in a weatherproof IP66 case with up to 2 cable glands.
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M2MDATA Web Service - Set Up
M2MDATA Web interface for Omni Instrument supplied data loggers with 1 - 5 channels. M2M Web Interface with customised user logo providing a secure website for data display, email alarming, online graphing, data analysis and data retrieval. Download to CSV file format capability. M2M Unit Administration Annual fee charged separately. Terms and Conditions for M2M usage available upon request.
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M2MDATA Web Service - Admin Charges
Annual web admin charge per remote unit with 1-5 channels. Terms and Conditions for M2M Usage available upon request.
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