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Kenny Laidlaw
Oct 01,2018
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MX32 Gas Control Panel
  • MX32 Gas Control Panel

MX32 Gas Control Panel

Quick Overview

MX32 Gas Detection Control Panel


The new MX32 is designed on the same platform as the MX43 and allows the control of both digital and analog channels in a wide variety of gas monitoring applications. The analog channels allow up to two wheatstone bridge gas detectors to be monitored without any additional modules. The MX32's digital technology allows up to 8 detectors to be distributed on the dual channels using suitable additional modules. The MX32 is SIL1 compliant.


  • Single or dual channel gas controller
  • Up to 4 or 8 channels available using the MX32's digital technology
  • Manages both digital lines and analog channels
  • Base unit allows up to 2 wheatstone bridge detector inputs without any additional modules
  • Five programmable events per detector (1 to 3 alarms, underscale, overscale) and fault event
  • Two extra MOSFET outputs for driving the audible and visual alarms
  • Front panel LEDs allow for a quick and basic overview of the installation and oboard alarm buzzer
  • Easy to read large graphic and multi-language LCD back-lit display
  • Smart keys for embedded menus

The link below takes you to the main MX32 page to configure the controller and view the related spares and accessories available for the new MX32 gas controller.

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