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MSR175 Shock Transportation Data Logger
Kenny Laidlaw
Oct 01,2018
The MSR175 shock transportation data logger is the newest miniature logger from MSR.  The MSR175 more >
MSR175Plus Transportation Data Logger with GPS Tracking
  • MSR175Plus Transportation Data Logger with GPS Tracking

MSR175+ GPS Transportation Data Logger

Quick Overview

The MSR175 Plus is a miniature data logger designed for capturing potentially damaging shock event during transportation and provide the geographical position of the event. The captured data can help identify liability in the event of damage, as well as helping provide evidence for insurance claims. The MSR175 Plus has an internal memory for over 4 million measurement values and a 2,400mAh rechargeable Lithium polymer battery. Two integrated 3-axis acceleration sensors provide simultaneous shock readings in the range of ±15g and ±200g with a measurement frequency of 6,400Hz. Loggers can also record temperature, humidity, air pressure and light.
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The tamper-proof MSR175plus GPS data logger captures potentially damaging shock events as well as recording the geographical position of the event. This robust data logger ensures compliance with transport specifications and provides indispensable data for identifying liability in the event of damage as well as helping with insurance claims.

Collecting data for secure transportation

The two 3-axis acceleration sensors integrated in the MSR175Plus have working ranges of ±15 g and ±200 g. They record shocks and jolts at a measurement frequency of up to 6,400 measurements per second. The installed memory of the logger is capable of storing over 4 million measured values, which is sufficient for more than 1,000 shock events. In addition, the MSR175Plus data logger measures and records temperature, humidity, pressure and light profiles along with the shock and GPS tracking information..

Easy-to-use pc software: Thanks to the new MSR175 Dashboard software, preparing the MSR175 for its mission and reading its measured data via USB is very easy. The data can be analysed and clearly presented in a chart using the intuitive MSR ShockViewer software. In the process, you can analyse critical events at a glance and document them conclusively in a report; a frequency analysis facilitates identifying the causes of shock events.

Sensor Specifications

Measured Parameters Working Range Accuracy Measurement/Storage rate
3-axis Acceleration ±15g ±0.15g (0..5g, +25 °C)
±0.3g (5..15g, +25 °C)
up to 1,600/s (±15 %)
±200g ±2g (0..15g, +25 °C)
±5g (15..100g, +25 °C))
±10g (100..200g, +25 °C)
up to 6,400/s (±15 %)
Temperature -20…+65 °C ±0.5 °C (-10…+65 °C) every 10 min.
Relative Humidity 0…100%RH
-20…+65 °C
±2%RH (10…85%, 0…+40 °C)
±4%RH (85…95%, 0…+40 °C)
every 10 min.
Air Pressure absolute 0…2000 mBar absolute
-20…+65 °C
±2.5 mBar
(750…1100 mBar absolute, +25 °C
every 10 min.
Light 0…83,000 lx max. sensitivity at 550 nm every 10 min.

General Specifications

Housing: PC, encapsulated, IP65
Size & Weight: 51 x 32 x 77 mm (W x H x L), approx. 140 g
Memory capacity: Over 4,000,000 measurement values
Medium: Air
GPS Position Data:
GPS (Optional: GLONASS Galileo, Beidou)
Key: Start Measurement/Retrieve Status/test GPS Reception
Power Supply: LiPo-battery 2,400 mAh, rechargeable via the USB.
Battery Life:
8 Weeks with GPS Tracking, 1 Year Without GPS Tracking
Interface: USB
PC Software: MSR175 Dashboard software, MSR ReportGenerator, free MSR ShockViewer basic version.
Operating Temp: -20…+65 °C
Storage Conditions: +5…+45 °C (ideal storage condition for the battery), 10…95 % relative humidity, non-condensing
Standards: The MSR175 complies with EU-Directives RoHS/WEEE.

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Components / Downloads

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MSR175Plus Shock Transportation Data Logger with GPS Tracking. Encapsulated PC housing, IP 65. Up to 6,400 readings a second with 4 million reading memory. Suitable for up to 8 Weeks logging with GPS Tracking, or 1 year without GPS Tracking, recording period. Unit comes with MSR175 Dashboard, MSR Report Generator and MSR ShockViewer Basic Version software and USB connection. B56 - Rechargeable 2,400mAh Lithium Polymer Battery. T6 - Temperature Sensor. Range -20°C to +65°C H3 - Humidity Sensor. Range 0 to 100%RH P5 - Absolute Pressure Sensor. Range 0 to 2,000mBar A - Internal 3-Axis Acceleration Sensor. ±15g Range. A5 - Internal 3-Axis Acceleration Sensor. ±200g Range. L3 - Light Sensor. Range 0 to 83,000L Lux G - GPS Tracking via GNSS Receiver.
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