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Oct 01,2018
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MaxiMet GMX400 Weather Station
  • MaxiMet GMX400 Weather Station

GMX400 Weather Station for Temp, RH, Pressure & Precipitation

Quick Overview

The MaxiMet GMX400 is a combined instrument mounted inside three double louvered, naturally aspirated radiation shields for the measurement of ambient temperature, humidity and pressure, and precipitation, with no moving parts. The results are high performance across each measurement over long periods of time.The data is output in serial formats - RS232, RS485. SDI12, NMEA and MODBUS.
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  • Air Pressure / Temperature
  • Relative / Absolute humidity
  • Naturally aspirated UV stable radiation shield
  • Protection against wind-blown precipitation/dust



  • Rainfall total
  • Rainfall intensity
  • Rainfall Y/N
  • Emulated tipping bucket
  • Integrated heater
  • No moving parts



  • Temperature °C / °F / °K
  • Relative humidity % Rh, g/m3, g/kg
  • Barometric pressure hPa, bar, mm Hg
  • Wet bulb temperature °C / °F / °K
  • Absolute humidity g/m3
  • Air density kg/m3
  • Precipitation mm/hr, mm/total, mm/24 hr, in/hr, in/total, in/24 hr
  • Outputs RS232, 422, 485 (ASCII), SDI-12, NMEA,  MODBUS, Analogue (option)

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Components / Downloads

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MaxiMet GMX400 Compact Weather Station for temperature, humidity, pressure and precipitation. Measured parameters: Temperature °C / °F / °K, Relative humidity % Rh, g/m3, g/kg, Barometric pressure hPa, bar, mm Hg, Wet bulb temperature °C / °F / °K, Absolute humidity g/m3, Air density kg/m3, Precipitation mm/hr, mm/total, mm/24 hr, in/hr, in/total, in/24 hr Serial data Outputs RS232, 422, 485 (ASCII), SDI-12, NMEA, MODBUS

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Portable Tripod
Weather station tripod mounting kit with 2m pole. The legs on this tripod are not adjustable for uneven surfaces and ground should be levelled prior to installation. ¼" stake kit (M-SKB), ½" Stake kit (M-SKA), Guy wire kit (M-GWA) and Grounding kit (M-GKA) are available separately.
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Mounting Accessories
Mounting adaptor for connecting the WindSonic wind sensors or MaxiMet compact weather stations to the M-TPB tripod. Provides a direct mounting to the top of the tripod for an unobstructed placement of the mounted sensors. Ideal for solar radiation, wind and rain sensors.
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Anodized Aluminium Bracket for mounting to pole and wall. Includes an aluminium sensor adaptor for WindSonic or MaxiMet, fully anodised to reduce corrosion. The Bracket uses a mounting clamp suitable for attaching to a vertical pipe with a diameter of 30-58mm. When mounting the MaxiMet, consider the position, orientation and alignment of the unit. Mount at the top of a pipe to ensure a clear unobstructed measurement view. Kit includes stainless steel mounting bolts, multiple earth points and wall / pole mounting kit
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Cable assembly to connect Windsonic or MaxiMet unit to external data logger or display. Includes inline multipole connector for WindSonic or MaxiMet and flying leads, cable length 6.5 metres. Other lengths available on request.
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MaxiMet Configuration Cable
MaxiMet 1.8 Metre RS232 to USB converter including 5vDC power and communication configuration cable (9 way MaxiMet connector fitted one end and USB connector at the other end). Simplifies the connection of the MaxiMet units to a PC
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WindSonic Accessories
Spare 9 way mating connector. Suitable for all WindSonic plastic versions, WindSonic M Non-Analogue and MaxiMet sensor and weather stations.
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