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FRIGGA A90 Cold Chain Temp & GPS Logger
Kenny Laidlaw
May 21,2019
The FRIGGA A90 is a disposable USB cold chain data logger suitable for monitoring temperature and more >

Gas Detection Systems

We fixed gas detections systems and sensors, for toxic and flammable gases. Also portable gas detectors for toxic and flammable gasses.

Portable Gas Detectors
Single and multi channel units for toxic and flammable gases with audio and visual alarms, and optional data logging. Also large area monitoring units typically used for monitoring temporary hot work areas on offshore installations.

Fixed Gas Detection Systems
Single and multi channel systems for a wide range of applications including laboratories, car parks, tunnels, breweries and distilleries, petro chemical and offshore oil and gas environments.

Flame Detectors
Multi spectrum infrared sensors for flame detection in both safe and hazardous areas.

Leak Detection
Portable leak detection units for toxic flammable gases.

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