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EL-WiFi Glycol Temperature Logger
  • EL-WiFi Glycol Temperature Logger

EL-WiFi Vaccine Temperature Data Loggers

Quick Overview

These data loggers were specifically designed to measure temperature in vaccine fridges and freezers. Each logger has a thermistor temperature probe with 3m of cable mounted into a small bottle filled with Glycol. The built-in LCD display can show current readings and the max/min readings of the logged data to provide immediate readings and clear indication of the vaccine temperature. The unit has a button which allows the operator to cycle through each of the available readings. The logger can be simply plugged into a USB port to download the collected data. Data can then be graphed, printed and exported to other applications for additional documentation and record keeping. The internal battery is a replaceable long-life lithium battery which will last for between 6 months and a year.
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  • Glycol filled bottle with 3m thermistor probe
  • USB interface for set-up and data download
  • Continuous logging with rates from 10 sec up to 12 hour
  • Internal memory for up to 10 million readings
  • Can connect to a PC via a WiFi network
  • Integrated display with low battery, WiFi and alarm indicators
  • Temperature Range -40 to +100°C
  • Accuracy ±0.1°C (-10 to 70°C), ±3°C (full range)
  • Supplied with rechargeable Lithium battery, recharged via USB port
  • Units are also supplied with a calibration certificate


Exceeding CDC guidelines for data loggers used in vaccination storage, these units come with external thermistor glycol bottles - allowing for discrete and continuous temperature monitoring of vaccines. EL-WiFi-TP+-PROBE-G also includes a traceable calibration certificate.

The EL-WiFi-TP+ sensor measures the temperature of the Glycol to provide a more accurate indication of the temperature of items in the fridges and freezers than standard probes that monitor the air or surface temperatures. This allows for a more accuracy temperature reading of vaccines or other refrigerated products. The EL-WiFi-TP+ is a low powered battery device. When configured using typical transmission periods (e.g. once every 5 minutes) the sensor will operate for over one year (at room temperature). The battery can then be recharged via a PC or USB +5V wall adapter using the USB lead provided or can be permanently powered by the USB wall adapter. The sensor is a freestanding unit, however, it can be attached to a wall or vertical surface using the bracket and screws/sticky pad provided.

The EL-WiFi data loggers allow data to be streamed wirelessly over any WiFi network and can be viewed on a PC using the free software package. During configuration, the sensor will search for an existing wireless network whilst physically connected to the PC. It can then be placed anywhere within range of the network and will maintain the WiFi connection. The software installed on the PC will allow set-up, data logging and data review. Set-up features will include sensor name, °C/°F, sample rate, and high/low alarms. Once configured, historic data can be viewed via the graphing tool or exported into an Excel spreadsheet.

The El-WiFi data loggers require your wireless network to be IEEE 802.11b compliant.

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EL-WiFi Data Loggers
EL-WiFi-TP+ Wireless Temperature Data Logger with external thermistor probe immersed in a Glycol solution. Temperature range is -40 to +100°C with a ±0.1°C @ -10 to 70°C (±0.3°C @ -40 to +125°C) and a resolution of 0.01°C. Internal rechargeable Lithium polymer battery with micro USB port for recharging. Units are supplied with wall bracket, micro USB lead, battery and calibration certificate. The EL-WiFi data loggers can store up to 1 million readings on their internal memory, or stream data over a local WiFi network to a PC.
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