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MSR175 Shock Transportation Data Logger
Kenny Laidlaw
Oct 01,2018
The MSR175 shock transportation data logger is the newest miniature logger from MSR.  The MSR175 more >

Data Logger and Data Acquistion Systems

Omni Instruments offer a large range of data loggers and data acquisition systems, from small single channel loggers with integral sensor to multi channel programmable systems capable of taking may types of process and sensor inputs. Many of our systems are also capable of logging serial data and forwarding sensor and process data via Ethernet or GPRS to remote terminals or servers.

Small Data Loggers with Integral Sensors

Gemini Data Logger

Our Tinytag range of loggers are available for temperature, humidity and AC current measurement. Their rugged construction makes them ideal for use in a wide range of environments, such as hospitals, warehouses, factories and outdoors. The loggers have a long battery life, and are supplied with very user friendly windows software.


Compact Acceleration Data LoggerIn addition we have the MSR range of loggers which are not much larger than a USB memory stick, capable of logging 3 axis acceleration, plus temperature, humidity, air pressure and inputs from external sensors. Typical applications are shock and vibration logging for vehicles, trains and aircraft,  and goods in transit.


Multi-Channel Data Logger & Acquisition Systems

DataTaker Data LoggerFor applications requiring measurement of inputs from multiple sensors or process signals our Datataker loggers can handle anything from 5 to hundreds of inputs from devices such as thermocouples, PT100 sensors, 4-20mA transmitters, strain gauges, LVDT's, pyranometers and flow meters. The setup software allows the setting of variable logging rates for normal and burst logging and the creation of real time graphs and mimic panels where the loggers is being used as part of a monitoring and display system.


Our team of in house technicians have many years of experience of programming loggers for specific applications and we offer full technical support by phone and email for all our products.

Portable Integrated Systems

We have many years of experience of building data loggers into Peli cases with external connections for sensors, supplied as complete systems with sensors, charger, and cables for use in dirty or wet environments. Applications include systems for wellhead pressure testing, environmental monitoring, load and torque measurement, flow and temperature measurement in rivers and channels, strain and displacement monitoring on rail track too name but a few.

Portable Data Loggers

Fixed Integrated Systems

We are also able to produce integrated logger and sensor systems built in to steel, ABS  and GRP housings suitable for installation in factories, water treatment works, power stations, and a wide range of industrial and commercial environments. 

Bespoke Data Loggers

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Datataker DT85 Stand Alone Data Logger
Datataker DT85 Stand Alone Data Logger
The Datataker DT85 Series 4 data loggers are a standalone data logger with 16-48 analogue inputs (up to 32 isolated inputs), 12 digital I/Os and 2 serial ports. CEM-20 modules allow the analogue inputs to increase to up to 960 channels. Internal memory for up to 10 million readings, expandable via USB port (approx 90,000 readings per MB. Serial, USB and Ethernet ports available on the DT85 allowing SDI-12, Modbus (Slave and Master), TCP/IP, FTP, HTTP, XML, SMTP or NTP comms. Programmable using internal web server and web browser or command interface window. Dimensions 300 x 137 x 65mm, weight 2.5Kg.
Price range : £765.00 - £3,955.00
GL240 Midi Data Logger
GL240 Data Logger
The GL240 Data logger is a direct replacement for the GL220 and now incorporates a wireless connectivity option and integration with the GL100-WL remote units. With 10 fully isolated multi-function inputs, large internal 4GB Flash memory and a port for an external USB stick memory, this logger has significantly more memory than it predecessors, plus includes dual SD slots suitable for 32GB SDHC memory cards or wireless adaptor.
Price range : £65.00 - £1,095.00
Portable Field Logging Systems
Portable Field Logging Systems
Utilising the wide range of data logger types in our range we are able to build bespoke logging systems to your requirements. Loggers can be built into fully weather proof transport cases making them easily portable and suitable for use in the harshest environments. We can also integrate a wide range of sensors for temperature, pressure, flow, displacement, vibration etc.

2-3 Weeks Del.

Wireless Umbilical Data Logger
Wireless Umbilical Data Logger
Multi Channel Wireless Umbilical Logger For real time monitoring of umbilical pressure and resistance. The system comprises of a stand alone transmitter unit mounted on the umbilical drum, with sensors for pressure and line resistance. The data is continuously transmitted via wireless link to the logger providing a real time PC display with graph view and mimic panel. System capacity is configurable from 4-250 inputs for pressure/resistance.
Price range : £0.00 - £850.00

4+ Weeks Del.

MSR145WD Wireless Data Logger
MSR145WD Wireless Data Logger
The MSR 145WD is a miniature data logger equipped with a Bluetooth Low Energy wireless radio link and OLED graphic display. The logger has options for monitoring temperature, humidity, pressure, 3-axis accelerometer (X, Y and Z axes) and light with internal and external sensors. The units are available with a 260mAh or 900mAh battery and in an IP60 or IP67 housings. The BLE connection allows for a radio link of up to 10m using a 2.4GHz frequency and multiple MSR145WD loggers can be connected at once.
Price range : £251.94 - £251.94

1-2 Weeks Del.

GL100 Petit Logger
GL100 Petit Logger
The GL100 Petit Logger is a new compact data logger with a wireless LAN version for easier integration to your GL240 or GL840 data loggers. The GL100 allows users to switch sensors and terminals for measuring a wide range of different input parameters. Each GL100 includes an internal memory of 4.9MB with a Micro SD card slot. The display is a backlit monochrome with 128×64 dot resolution displaying measured values and settings. Recorded data is not displayed on the main unit; Captured data can only be displayed on PC using the included application software. The logger can be powered by two AA batteries or USB bus power. Dimensions 66 x 100 x 27mm. The GL100-WL uses radio waves in the 2.4GHz band and is suitable for use in the EU, USA, Canada and Japan. The loggers will also work with Smart phones using Android OS 4.1 or iOS 7 (app available from Android and Apple's App stores).
Price range : £55.00 - £309.50
MSR147WD Low Power BLE Bluetooth Data Logger
MSR147WD Wireless Data Logger
The MSR 147WD is a miniature data logger with plug-in sensors. The loggers also comes equipped with a Bluetooth Low Energy wireless radio link and OLED graphic display. The logger has options for monitoring temperature, humidity external sensors, plus internal air pressure and 3-axis accelerometer (X, Y and Z axes). The units are available with a 260mAh battery in an IP60 or IP67 housings. The BLE connection allows for a radio link of up to 10m using a 2.4GHz frequency and multiple MSR147WD loggers can be connected at once. The Bluetooth connection allows for the measured data to your smartphone and to transfer it to the MSR SmartCloud.
Price range : £110.62 - £438.06

1-2 Weeks Del.

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