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MSR175 Shock Transportation Data Logger
Kenny Laidlaw
Oct 01,2018
The MSR175 shock transportation data logger is the newest miniature logger from MSR.  The MSR175 more >
Universal input, multi-channel, high resolution data loggers are Ideal for remote sites where the integral display and keypad programming allow easy, onsite configuration. Loggers can also be programmed using Windows software. Units available with 4 to 32 analogue inputs and up to 100Hz logging rates.
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SQ Series Data Logger with Hub
SQ Series Data Loggers with 8-16 Analogue Inputs
The SQ Series data loggers are a range of general purpose data loggers with universal inputs suitable for monitoring current, voltage, resistance, temperatures and digital channels for alarms and triggering. Loggers have 8 differential/16 single-ended, 8 digital state inputs and 4 digital outputs. The logger can be used as a portable logger using its internal battery power and operate the logger.
Price range : £40.00 - £2,295.00
Squirrel OQ610 Temperature Data Logger
Squirrel OQ610 Temperature Data Logger
The OQ610 temperature logger is suitable for a wide range of temperature recording applications in industry, research and development. It is available as a standalone temperature logger or as part of a complete system for through process monitoring in the food and paint industries. The OQ610 can accept up to 6 K-Type or T-Type thermocouple temperature inputs with temperature ranges from -200 up to 1,300°C. Logging rates from 8Hz to every 2 hours with an internal flash memory for up to 260,000 readings. Two AA batteries will provide 200 hours operation.
Price range : £225.00 - £905.00
Merlin Data Logger SDL1200
Merlin Data Logger SDL1200
The Merlin data logger is a compact, low power multi channel device capable of handling a range of analogue and serial inputs and logging data at speeds of up to 50Hz. It has 10 analogue inputs with a 0-5V input range. Seven of these inputs can also be configured to read frequency inputs from flow meters. The unit also has a serial RS485 port for connection to Keller digital pressure sensors, and other serial devices. The logger also has a high contrast backlit LCD display for viewing real time readings, with the option of a second display where large format text is required.
Price range : £406.19 - £2,087.98
Fieldlogger With HMI Display
The Fieldlogger is a versatile data logger capable of handling various analogue, digital and Modbus inputs with 2 relay alarm outputs. The Fieldlogger has: 8 configurable analogue inputs, that can be used for thermocouples, PT100, PT1000, voltage, millivolt and 4-20mA inputs; 8 digital input/output channels, suitable for digital state, pulse (counts via Modbus registers) or simple On/Off outputs; 2 relay outputs; RS485 Modbus RTU Master/Slave. A Mini USB interface is available for a PC interface to allow for configuration, monitoring and downloading data and a USB interface is also available to capture logged data to a USB memory stick. The complete version of the Fieldlogger includes: an Ethernet interface, allowing access via a browser and data sent via FTP or Modbus TCP./IP and also to send emails via SMTP; a second generic RS485 Modbus RTU (Slave) port, which also can be connected to the optional HMI Interface; and SD Memory card slot.
Price range : £32.94 - £644.12
OQ610-S Through Process Data Logging Systems
OQ610-S Through Process Data Logging Systems
The OQ610-S data logger is suitable for taking up to 6 K or T type thermocouple temperature readings for heat treating products in your manufacturing process. The logger is housed in one of the standard, or custom, thermal barriers for protection for the required process temperature and duration. We can supply a wide range of temperature probes for surface, air or insertion measurements to be taken during the process. Standard barriers can handle temperatures of up to 950°C for up to 3 Hrs.
Price range : £220.00 - £7,500.19
OMK610 Oven Temperature Data Logger
OMK610 Squirrel Oven Logging System
The OMK610 Squirrel oven logging system includes everything you need for oven temperature profiling and paint cure calculations in one easy to use and convenient system. The OMK610 is built from over 40 years experience in the manufacture of oven recorders for the coatings industry. The current OMK610 is designed with many new features to assist in production quality control and reducing operating costs. Various different temperature sensors are available to provide air temperature, surface temperature and combined temperatures for complete temperature profiling inside paint ovens and other temperature controlled environments.
Price range : £65.00 - £1,690.00
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