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CDI 5400 Compressed Air Flow Meter

CDI 5400 Compressed Air Flow Meter

Quick Overview

The CDI 5400 series of compressed air flow meter are suitable for larger pipe diameters from 2" up to 8". The flow meters provide a local display of compressed air flows with 4-20mA and pulse outputs, plus the option of Modbus RTU outputs. The CDI 5400 flow meter clamps onto the pipe using a single mounting ring that contains both flow-sensing probe projecting into the pipe through 3/16-in. drilled holes. The meter seals directly to the pipe and therefore required no cutting or welding for installation. Each flow meter is made and calibrated for the specific size of pipe and does not require any setup or adjustment.
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The CDI 5400 is similar to the CDI 5200, except that it has its probes mounted side-by-side in a single ring, its display can rotate to accommodate pipe orientation, and it is built for larger pipe diameters. Like the 5200, it is a thermal mass flow meter in which one probe senses the air temperature and the other is maintained ten degrees above the air temperature. It has the same milliamp and pulse outputs, the same large, bright display, and optional wired and wireless outputs. The new wireless output makes central monitoring practical where it might not otherwise be considered.

The CDI 5400 is commonly used for monitoring of compressor-room output and distribution lines in medium to large-sized facilities. It is also used for point-of-use monitoring in industrial processes that use large amounts of compressed air.


  • Easy to install
  • No moving parts
  • Weather resistant and surge protected
  • Integral digital display for flow rate
  • 4-20mA and pulse outputs
  • No calibration or setup required
  • User-configurable scaling, filtering and units of measure.
  • Optional RS485 Modbus RTU comms for networking

Optional summing remote display unit with three modes:

a) Remote display with instantaneous flow rate
b) Summing display with reseting 24 hour flow total
c) Summing display for flow total with manual reset


Accuracy: 5% of RDG + 1% FSD at air temperatures from -7 to 49°C
Medias: Compressed air and nitrogen
Operating pressure: 200 psig maximum on Sch. 40 steel and Type L copper
Input power: 250mA at 24vDC
Materials exposed to measured fluid: Aluminium, Stainless steel, gold, thermal epoxy and Viton (seal)
Display: Four-digit LED display
Response time: One second to 63 percent of final value


Available Sizes
 Nom Size 
 Range (scfm)  
 Range (m³/h)  
Model for Sch 40 Steel Model for Type L Copper Model for Aluminium
2" 600 1,019 5400-20S 5400-20C  
2.5" 800 1,359 5400-25S 5400-25C  
3" 1,200 2,039 5400-30S 5400-30C  
4" 2,000 3,398 5400-40S 5400-40C  
5" 3,000 5,097 5400-50S    
6" 5,000 8,495 5400-60S 5400-60C  
8" 6,000 10,194 5400-80S    
50mm 600 1,019      5400-50M
63mm 800 1,359     5400-63M
76mm 1,000 1,699     5400-76M
101mm 2,000 3,398     5400-101M

 Calibrated ranges of the Copper versions may be smaller than those for Stainless Steel.

Pressure Sensing OptionCDI 5400 PSO

The pressure-sensing (-PSO) option for the CDI 5200 flow meter allows plant managers to monitor pressure throughout an air distribution system along with flow. The pressure sensor is mounted next to the flow-sensing probes. It accesses pipe pressure through a cutout in the gasket that seals the ring to the pipe and there are no additional steps during installation. The pressure signal is provided as a second milliamp output. With this option, both milliamp outputs are non-isolated; they source current to be returned to the meter’s dc-connection. The display can be configured to show the pressure signal, and the pressure signal is also available through the optional wired and wireless serial outputs.


Accuracy: ±2psig Max, ±0.5psig @ 68F
Pressure Range: 0 to 145 psi Operating Range
Scaled 0-145psi = 4-20mA

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Price as configured: £613.23


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Description       CDI 5400 Compressed Air Flow Meter, suitable for compressed air and Nitrogen. Unit comes with two Aluminium fixing rings, 4 digit LED digital display. Accuracy 5% of RDG +1% FSD, operating temperature .-7 to +49°C. Meters include a 24vDC mains supplied power supply with prongs suitable for UK, EU, USA and Australian sockets.

Components / Downloads

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CDI Ruggedised Compressed Air Flow Meter
CDI 5400
 CDI 5400
Compressed air flow meter, for pipe sizes 2 inch to 6 inch , clamp on type, accuracy 5% of RDG +1% FSD, operating temperature 4-49 C. With 4-20mA, pulse outputs. Optional MODBUS RTU RS485 O/P
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Calibration Certificate
Printed Manufacturers Calibration Certificate for CDI flow meters. Traceable to NIST standards.
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Drill guide for 5400 and 6400 series meters, 2 and 2.5 inch
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Drill guide for all 5400 and 6400 series meters up to 6 inch
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