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25W SunWare Solar Panel SW-20163
  • 25W SunWare Solar Panel SW-20163


Quick Overview

25W SunWare Rectangle Photovoltaic Solar Panel, SW-20163. Charging current of up to 1.44A at a nominal 12V (Max 20.60V). Light-weight mounting plate made from Aluminium sandwich, powder-coated white with 6 drill holes for mounting panel. Panel may also be secured using glue or SunWare fixing clips (available separately). Front junction box includes 3m of cable and is fully sealed against water ingress. Panel dimensions: 426 x 481 x 16mm, weight (net) 1.3Kg. Panels are supplied with 6 white screw rosettes for 4.5mm countersunk screws to mount the panel.
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The Sunware Series 20 solar modules are more powerful, compact and lighter than the previous Sunware Marine and Compact solar panels. The solar cells are protected with an EVA laminate and ETFE coating to protect them from water ingress. The modules are specifically designed for the harsh marine and salt water use. The cable outlet is screwed to the mounting plate, completely sealed and 100% saltwater proof. By hermetic encapsulation cells and carrier plate are themselves well protected against the aggressive saltwater.

The junction box on the module is located on the front of the panels with a 3m cable. A convenient hole located next to the junction box to allow the cable to be safely pushed through to behind the panel for easier installation.

The carrier material is an Aluminium sandwich core. The new core material ensure the cells are perfectly supported and protected. The solar module can adapt to curved surfaces, with maximum curvature of 3cm/m module length. All modules can be screwed, glued or attached with clips and the module package includes white screw rosettes for countersunk screws to prevent damage to the module laminate by the screw head.


SW-20163 Technical Drawing

Model SW-20163
Power 25Wp
Charging Current 1.44A
Current (Max) 1.36A
Voltage (Max) 20.60V
Cell Sizes 39 x 104mm
No of Cells 38
Panel Dimensions 426 x 481 mm
Weight Net (Gross) 1.3Kg (1.7Kg)
Cable 3m
Operating Temperature -40 to +85°C


The solar module SW 20163 is designed for small solar systems. The 25Wp module is designed for 12V systems, but paired units can be used in a serial connection to provide a 24V system. Depending on the irradiation, the module supplies a charging current of up to 1.44A. According to STC (standard test conditions), AM 1.5, 1000 W/m², 25°C, measuring tolerance: 10%.

The rectangular module are ideal for mounting to large enclosures or a suitable mounting bracket. These modules are ideal for trickle charging a remote logging system battery or other remote power systems.Omni Instruments can provide these panels fitted to suitable enclosure, or provide suitable mounting brackets to fit your individual requirements, please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

The average daily yield (May to September):
- North/Baltic Sea area is about 4 x 1.44 => 5.7Ah/day
- Mediterranean, Caribbean or California => 7.2Ah/day.

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Sunware Solar Panel Fixing Clips
4 pack of SunWare Solar Panel Side Fixing Clips. Suitable for fixing Sunware series 20 frameless solar modules or plates up to 3mm thickness at the edge. Material: PUR, approx 100 shore (like hard rubber). Packs include screws 8 x (3,6 x 16mm, VA) and washers.
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2 pack of SunWare Solar Panel Mid Fixing Clips. Suitable for fixing Sunware series 20 frameless solar modules or plates up to 3mm thickness between two panels in a solar array. Material: PUR, approx 100 shore (like hard rubber). Packs include screws 4 x (3,6 x 16mm, VA) and washers.
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Sunware Edge Protection
Push fit edge protection for SunWare solar panels. The Edge Protection will be fitted to panels when purchased with panels. 2m required for 25W, 3m for 38-75W and 4m for 100W SunWare solar panels. Max panel width 3.5mm. Priced per metre.
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