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AquaPlus Package. Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity and Temperature Meter
  • AquaPlus Package. Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity and Temperature Meter

AquaPlus Package

Quick Overview

The AquaPlus probe is a combined optical dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity and temperature sensor. Thanks to the built in conductivity sensor, the AquaPlus is able to calculate and automatically compensate DO readings for changes in water salinity. It’s compact, robust and highly accurate. It also requires very little maintenance to keep it that way. The slim probe is used with its very own GPS DO meter, meaning the location of every datapoint you measure is also recorded.
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Traditionally, DO measurement in portable field equipment has been done using membrane covered detectors known as Clark Cells. This type of cell suffers from problems including membrane fouling, calibration instability and worst of all, oxygen consumption. During measurement, a Clark Cell will consume oxygen making it necessary to have a constant flow of water over the cell.

Optical technology eliminates all these problems allowing high precision, membrane-free, long-term stability along with infrequent calibration and immunity to fouling by sulphides and other gases.

The Aquaread AquaPlus is the only Optical DO system that measures salinity directly. This allows for automatic salinity compensation giving you the highest accuracy in any type of water.

The Aquaread AquaPlus works on the principle of Dynamic Luminescence Quenching. A gas-permea-ble material known as a luminophore is excited with short bursts of blue light, which causes mole-cules in the luminophore to emit red photons. By measuring the delay of the returned red photons with respect to the blue excitation, the level of dissolved oxygen present can be determined.

AquaPlus with the sleeve removed reveals the combined dissolved oxygen, conductivity & temperature sensors. The end cap is replaceable however you can expect more than 2 years life from one cap


Protection Class: IP68 (Permanent immersion to 30m, 1 week to 100m)
Immersion Depth: Min 75mm, Max 100m
Operating Temperature: -5 to +70°C
Dimensions (L x Dia): 250mm x 24mm
Weight: 400g



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Components / Downloads

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AquaPlus Package
AquaPlus Package is suitable for monitoring Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity and Temperature in a combined AquaPlus Probe. Probe Dimensions: 250mm length x 24mm diameter. IP68 permanent immersion to 30m, 1 month to 100m. Dissolved Oxygen: Range: 0-500.0%/0-50.00mg/L; Resolution: 0.1%/0.01mg/L; Accuracy: 0-200% (± 1% of reading, 200%-500%: ±10%). Conductivity (EC): Range: 0-200mS/cm (0-200,000µS/cm); Resolution: 3 Auto-range scales: 0-9999µS/cm, 10.00-99.99mS/cm, 100.0-200.0mS/cm; Accuracy: ±1% of reading. Temperature: Range -5 to + 70°C; Resolution: 0.01°C/F; Accuracy: ±0.5°C. AquaPlus Package includes AquaPlus GPS Meter, AquaPlus Probe supplied with sensor cap, a 3 meter cable and various accessories all supplied in a Hard Carry Case.
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AquaPlus Extension Cables
AQUAPLUS 5m Extension Cable. Connectors are suitable for 10m submersion
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AQUAPLUS 10m Extension Cable. Connectors are suitable for 10m submersion
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AQUAPLUS 30m Extension Cable. Connectors are suitable for 10m submersion
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RapidCal Solutions
250mL RapidCal Solution.
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500mL RapidCal Solution.
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