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All-In-One Measurement System - AMS84-USB

All-In-One Measurement System - AMS84-USB

Quick Overview

The AMS84-USB features 16 analogue Inputs with 16 Bit resolution and 250kHz total sampling rate. 8 Digital Inputs/Outputs (one 32-bit counters) all connected to a PC via a USB connection. The modular design of the AMS84-USB allows each amplified input to be on individual AMS-K cassettes with individual 5B Amplifiers to optimism to specific requirements. The unit comes in a robust Aluminium housing as a stationary 19" rack system.
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  • 16 Amplified Inputs via AMS-K Cassettes
  • 2 Analogue Outputs (±10V) via 37-Pin Connector
  • 16-bit Resolution and 250kHz Sampling
  • 8 Digital Channels (4 Digital Inputs and 4 Digital Outputs)
  • 1 Counters (32 Bit) for Pulse, Frequency, Position and Pulse-Time Measurement
  • 5B Amplifier Compatible
  • Plug & Play with USB Connection to PC
  • Power Supply 9-40V (Min 3W, Max 20W)
  • Robust 19" Table Top Aluminium Rack Housing

All-In-One Measurement System. Compact.

The AMS84-USB is a complete solution: amplifier technology and data acquisition. A high-quality USB data acquisition system is already integrated. Available in a robust aluminum housing as a stationary 19" rack system.

Modular Concept.

The AMS device is equipped with cassettes, on which the required 5B measuring amplifiers are mounted. The variety of available 5B modules allows for the optimum adaptation of the AMS84-USB to any special measuring task.

Choose Connector. Mount 5B Amplifiers.

The available plug-in cassettes have different connectors on the front panel. Depending on the sensor or signal to be connected, the suitable cassette can be chosen. Now the 5B module only has to be fixed on the cassette and be integrated in the AMS.

Clearly Safe.

The galvanic isolation provided by the 5B modules guarantees interference-free operation and protects the DAQ system and the PC against high potentials





16 Analogue Inputs. 2 Analogue Outputs.

Signals are connected at 16 amplifier inputs with 16 bit resolution and 250kHz total sampling rate. The two ±10V outputs can be used for analog controls with 16 bit accuracy.

4 Digital I/O. 1 Counter

Digital states are recorded or set at four digital inputs and outputs each. For pulse measurements, an additional isolated counter input is provided.

Plug & Play With USB.

The connection to the PC is realized via USB. The AMS84-USB provides all typical USB features (e.g. Plug & Play, Hot-Plug).

Ideal for Windows.

The data acquisition system can be used under Windows 8.1 and 10 in 64bit. The complete software for installation and programming is provided for free.

NEXTVIEW. Try For Free.

The DAQ system is supported by NextView, the software for data acquisition and analysis. A fully functional 14-day trial can be requested. So it is possible, to directly test the functionality of the device.

Versions and Options. Something for Everybody.

Other AMS versions, such as a ½ x 19-inch table-top unit, with an integrated LAN data acquisition system, or as an amplifier system without a DAQ unit are available. With the add-on option AMS-DIG4, four opto-isolated digital inputs and relay outputs each are provided.


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AMS84-USB Measurement System
AMS84-USB All-In-One Measurement System. 16 Amplifier Inputs via AMS-K Cassettes and 5B Amplifiers with 16-Bit Resolution and 250kHz Total Sampling Rate. 2 Analogue Outputs are available via 37-pin Sub-D Connector. 32 Digital Input/Outputs, plus One 32-Bit Counter Input. Power Supply 9-40vDC, (max 20W, depending on number of 5B modules used). Operating Temperature -25 to +50°C. The AMS84-USB is supplied in a robust table top Aluminium housing with skid-proof, tip-up feet. Dimensions 483 x 132 x 256mm. USB Port for direct connection to a PC.
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AMS Accessories
Power Supply, 24vDC @ 40W suitable for BMCM DAQ Measurement Systems.
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Two metal carry handles for AMS all-in-one Data Aquisition Units. Suitable for the following amplifier measurement systems: AMS42/AMS84, AMS42-LAN16F/AMS84-LAN16F, and AMS42-USB/AMS84-USB.
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