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SMP3 Smart Pyranometer
  • SMP3 Smart Pyranometer


Quick Overview

SMP 3 Smart Pyranometer with 0-1vDC output. Single 4mm glass dome. Integrated leveling. Sun shield. Spectral range 300 - 2800nm, response time less than 12 sec (95%), Operating temperature -40 to +80°C. Thermopile detector. 2-wire RS485 Modbus and 0-1V output. Digital output range -200 to 2,000W/m². Analogue output range -200 to 2,000W/m². Power Supply 5 to 30vDC. Supplied with waterproof 8-pin plug connector with 10m of pre-wired yellow signal cable.


Fully compliant with ISO 9060:2018 spectrally flat Class C and IEC 6174-1 Class C specifications, the SMP3 is a compact, light pyranometer that provides reliable and good quality data in a wide range of operational environments.

The SMP3 are robust pyranometers that have been designed to provide high quality measurements with little maintenance needs. The SMP6 is fitted with a maintenance-free internal desiccant that lasts at least 10 years. The SMP3 can be used as an economical solution for efficiency and maintenance monitoring of small commercial PV installations, private solar monitoring, or simple solar studies.

The SMP3 has Modbus® RTU RS-485 serial communication, plus an amplified analog output. The sensitivity is stored inside for standardized outputs and it features improved response time and digital temperature compensation. These units can be integrated into SCADA systems and easily swapped out without the need to alter the SCADA systems.

The following items are included with SMP3 Series pyranometers:

  • SMP3 Pyranometer
  • Sun shield
  • 10m Cable, pre-wired with 8-pin connector
  • Calibration certificate
  • Instruction sheet
  • Pyranometer fixing kit SMP3: 2 stainless steel screws each: M5 x 30mm, M5 x 40mm, M5 x 50mm; Nuts and flat washers


Classification to ISO 9060:2018: Spectrally Flat Class C
Analogue Output:
0 to 1V
Analogue Output Range: -200 to +2000W/m²
Serial Output: RS485 Modbus RTU
Serial Output Range: -400 to +2000W/m²
Response Time (63%): <1.5 Seconds
Response Time (95%): <12 Seconds
Spectral Range (20% Points): 285 to 3000nm
Spectral Range (50% Points): 300 to 2800nm
Zero offsets (unventilated)
(a) thermal radiation (at 200W/m²):
(b) temperature change (5K/h):

< ±15 W/m²
< ±5 W/m²
Non-Stability (Change/Year): <±1%
Non-Linearity (100 to 1000W/m²): <±3%
Direction Response: <±20W/m²
Spectral Selectivity (350 to 1500nm): <±3%
Tilt Response (0 to 180° at 1000W/m²): <±1.5%
Temperature Response: < ±3% (-20 to +50°C), <±4% (-40 to +70°C)
Field of View: 180°
Accuracy of Bubble Level: ±0.2°
Detector Type: Thermopile
Power Supply: 5 to 30vDC
Power Consumption (at 12vDC): 55mW
Software, Windows: SmartExplorer Software, for configuration, test and data logging.
Operating Range: -40 to +80°C (0-100%RH)
Dimensions (Diameter x Height): 150 x 92.5mm
Cable Length: 10m


SMP-V Flow Diagram

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