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Graphtec GL2000 High Speed Data Logger
Kenny Laidlaw
Feb 21,2018
The GL2000 is a 4 channel standalone data logger suitable for high voltage and true RMS monitoring. more >
Water Activity, Detection and Quality Sensors covering PH, Conductivity and Depth.
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Blue Siren Data Loggers for Open Channel Flow, Pressure & Water Quality
Range of data loggers for open channel flow, pressure ORP. DO, conductivty and orther parameters for waste water and water quality monitoring in sewers and water treatment works. ATEX approved with sensors for flow, level, and video capability. The meters use the cellular network to send logged data and video to web interface.
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Water Activity & Monitoring Instruments
Portable and bench-top instruments to measure water activity and temperature. Water activity is by definition the free or non chemically bound water in foods and other products. This is especially important in the case of perishable products such as foods, grain, seeds, etc. as well as medicines. Water temperature is an important factor in the storage and distribution of water used, where an incorrect water temperatures can promote Legionella bacteria to multiple. Our Legionnaires temperature kit provides a handy portable kit to allow for periodic monitoring and ensure temperatures are maintained below 20°C or above 45°C.
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Water Detection Sensors
Water detection sensors and systems suitable for detecting the presence of water. Can be used to detect surface water on and under floors, water leaks or condensation using water detection cable or point sensors.
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Water Analysis System
Water testing and analysis systems covering Conductivity, pH and Dissolved Oxygen with direct outputs from the individual probes to a dedicated handheld unit via cables or wireless adaptors. Sensors provide configurable 4-20mA outputs and RS485 Modbus RTU via cable or wirelessly. Conductivity and pH sensors also provide a secondary 4-20mA output for temperature.
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Dissolved Oxygen Probes
Dissolved Oxygen probes for laboratory and industrial applications, including aquaculture and wastewater monitoring applications. Probes can be fitted with internal or external amplifiers for a standard 4-20mA output or with standard mV outputs.
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PH Electrodes and Probes
Our range of PH electrodes include laboratory and industrial PH sensors for a wide range of applications and also a range of handheld pH & temperature meters for taking spot readings of pH with active temperature compensation. Our laboratory PH electrodes cover almost all general PH requirements. We can also produce custom pH electrodes with double junction or alter the length and other factors to meet any possible application.
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Conductivity Probes
Conductivity sensors for laboratory, industrial and river water applications.
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Data Loggers for Ground Water
Data Loggers suitable for recording level and water quality in Ground Water, Wells, Boreholes and other water bodies (including Salt Water). These loggers are capable of long term logging projects with units capable of providing up to 10 years logging on their internal battery. The loggers are suitable for monitoring water depth, water temperature and conductivity levels.
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