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We supply fully integrated systems with sensors and data loggers as portable units or fixed systems
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The No. 1 Online Supplier for Instrumentation and Data Loggers

Omni Instruments Ltd. specialises in providing measurement and data acquisition products and solutions in the UK, Europe and worldwide.


We are a real company with real people - not just a web shop. Our team of experienced technical sales persons are always available to answer all of your measurement and data acquisition questions. Whether you require a single sensor or an integrated system we can help you. We have many years of experience in dealing with industrial measurement and data logging applications, and we hold a large stock of both sensors and loggers. We can supply a wide range sensors and loggers from stock, and complete systems on short lead times.


We accept official purchase orders by email or fax. If you wish to order by credit card, many of our products are available online, or you can call us and place your order over the phone. We maybe into technology, but we do not use machines to answer the phone! If you call us you will always be put though to a knowledgeable sales engineer.

Our products and services fall into four main categories:


Radio/GSM/GPRS Telemetry
We have a full range of remote monitoring and communication solutions using modern technologies such as GPRS and SMS text messaging.  Our systems can be accessed via a simple web browser and your daily readings sent via email to multiple engineers.
We supply a wide range of sensors for most measurement applications including: Pressure, temperature, humidity, flow, level, vibration, load, torque, force, displacement, gyros and accelerometers, inertial measurement units, weather and environmental sensors.
Control and Display Products
To complement our range of sensors and loggers we supply LED and LCD displays, trip amplifiers, signal conditioning units, for current, voltage, temperature, resistance, frequency and strain gauge devices, power supplies, analogue to serial and MODBUS converters.
Data Loggers
Single or multi channel data logger or data acquisition systems. We can supply single channel units or complete systems with sensors, power supplies, weatherproof housings etc.  Several of our products have data logger capabilities built in including our range of ultrasonic flow meters.

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Our M2M web interface allows you to monitor your remote sites using a wide range of GPRS, SMS and Ethernet data acquisition units. We can offer complete systems with sensors for monitoring weather, building environment, electricity, gas and water consumption, plant process parameters such as pressure, flow, vibration, temperature, load, etc.

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Use our online calculator to work out input signal ranges and scaling in engineering units for data loggers. Also calculates shunt resistor values, resolution and null point offsets.



Omni Solar PV Site
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Featured Product

LPMS-B 9-Axis IMU AHRS Motion Sensor with Bluetooth Connectivity

The LPMS-B Motion Sensor is a miniature inertial measurement unit (IMU) and attitude and heading reference system (AHRS). The unit uses triple axis accelerometer, gyro and magnetometer sensors and an integral Kalman filter to provide full orientation data in via Bluetooth wireless connection as Quaternion or Euler angles, and also provides raw sensor measurements for x, y, z acceleration, pitch, roll yaw rate of turn and magnetometer data. The LPMS-B is ideal for many applications such as human motion monitoring, robot and machine monitoring. Up to 7 LPMS-B sensors can be wirelessly connected to a single host device.

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