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CDI5450 Hot Tap Compressed Air Flow Meter
Kenny Laidlaw
Jun 14,2017
The CDI 5450 is a hot tap compressed air flow meter is a modified version of the 5400 compressed more >
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RTR LogEZ Wireless Temperature & Humidity Data Logger
Log-EZ Wireless Data Logger for Temperature & Humidity
Easy to use and cost effective wireless data logger monitoring system for temperature and humidity. Multiple compact transmitters with easy to read LCD displays report back to the USB enabled base station for real-time viewing and data download.
Price range : £49.00 - £120.00
MCR 4-Channel Recorder for Voltage & Thermocouples
The MCR Series Multichannel Recorders are 4-channel battery operated data loggers that can be connected together in groups of 4 units to provide simultaneous measurement and recording of up to 16 channels with combinations of thermocouple and voltage inputs. The MCR-4V is designed to logging voltages (selectable ranges: ±300mV; ±1.5V; ±6V; and ±24V) at up to 500Hz to an internal memory for up to 480,000 readings. The MCR-4TC is designed to measure thermocouple sensors (compatible types: K, J, T, S and R) at up to 500Hz with an internal memory for up to 960,000 readings. Each recorder has an integrated LCD with a 0.01mV resolution.
Price range : £239.00 - £239.00
RTR Wireless Data Logger Range
RTR-500 Wireless Data Logging System for Temperature, RH, Voltage, UV, CO2

Wireless data logger system for temperature, humidity, voltage, pulse, UV and CO2. Base station options include USB, Ethernet and GPRS for monitoring. Capabilities such as online data viewing, email alarms, automated data downloading and reporting.  Battery operated loggers are easy to install with no complex wiring required.

Price range : £10.00 - £475.00
TR41 Bluetooth Data Logger
TR4 Bluetooth Temperature Data Loggers
The TR4 series data logger line features Bluetooth data collection with your Android or iOS device. Three models are available, the TR41 features an internal temperature sensor, the TR42 has an external -60°C to +155°C probe and the TR45 features a Thermocouple / RTD interface. All models feature an LCD display, long 1.5 year battery life and the ability to store 16,000 readings.
Price range : £33.00 - £99.00
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