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HygroLab C1 Series Bench-top Display

HygroLab C1 Series Bench-top Display

Quick Overview

The HygroLab C1 is a bench-top display instrument that can accept up to 4 probe inputs to monitor the water activity of samples. The units are an improvement on the previous HygroLab units and now include USB connections along with compatibility with the HC2 range of probes. The display can be used to connect any of the HC2 probes and will accept measurements for water activity, relative humidity and temperature.
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The HygroLab C1 is a high-end laboratory device that will measure water activity in samples from up to 4 different HC2 probes, plus can be used to take water activity, relative humidity and temperatures for any of the four inputs. Probes are suitable for various different applications, including measuring water activity in cheese, meat, tobacco, building materials, animal feed, pharmaceuticals products, etc.


  • Determine product quality with our Aw products
  • Up to 4 probes can be read simultaneously
  • Large choice of compatible probes for different applications
  • Suitable for laboratory use as a bench-top display
  • AW Quick mode to provide accurate results in just a few minutes
  • High measurement precision
  • Long term stability
  • Multichannel display
  • Validated PC analysis software
  • Easy to calibrate and maintain

HW4 Software

The HW4 is an east-to-use, intuitive software package that allows anyone to use the HygroLab C1 display with remote monitoring on a PC with charting and data recording functions. 


Order Code: HygroLab C1
Probe Connections: 4 x HC2 station probes or HC2 insertion probes
LCD Display: 3-Line Alphanumeric with trend indicators
Parameters Shown: Aw, % RH, °C, °F
Memory: 4 x 500 Aw values (2,000 Aw values)
Measurement Interval: 1 second
Power Supply: 8-16vDC with AC adapter
Interfaces: Ethernet and USB
Operating Range: -10 to 60°C, 0-100% RH, 0-1 Aw
Dimensions/Weight: 225 x 170 x 70mm / 1.1Kg
IP Rating: IP22

HygroLab C1 comes separately or as a complete starter kit, HygroLab C1-SET-40. The starter kit comes with HW4 software (including HW4-P-Quick), HC2-AW probe, USB cable, WP-40 sample holder, 14mm & 40mm sample containers and various humidity standards for recalibration.

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Components / Downloads

For further information, technical advice, or a quotation please call or email us. If you are not sure which product you need one of our technical sales advisors will be happy to discuss your application. We also accept company purchase orders by fax or post. Credit card orders can also be placed over the phone for any product.

HygroLab C1 Starter Kits
HygroLab C1-SET-40
HygroLab C1 Starter Kit. Starter Kit consists of HW4 software (including HW4-P-Quick), HC2-AW probe, USB cable, Mains adaptor, WP-40 sample holder, 14mm & 40mm sample containers (100pc of each) and 5 humidity standards for recalibration.
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   Size: (4.43 MB)
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HygroLab C1 Bench-Top Instrument
HygroLab C1
HygroLab C1 bench-top instrument for water activity monitoring.
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Mains adaptor for the HygroLab C1, 240vAC to 12vDC.
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