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Small Marine Instrumentation Buoy

Small Marine Instrumentation Buoy

Quick Overview

The Small Field Buoy is small, low cost buoy suitable for mounting a wide range of instruments and sensors offshore, such as weather sensors, current profilers, temperature, PH, dissolved oxygen probes etc. The unit is supplied with solar/battery power, and various telemetry and data logging options to store data and send to shore via GPRS or low power radio.
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Manufactured using a rotationally moulded polyethylene hull, the Small Marine Instrumentation Buoy is built with a central structure designed to safely a wide range of environmental sensors for topside weather and/or seawater sensors for turbidity, PH, salinity, etc., while providing protection from collision damage. Designed for deployments of up to 24 months, the buoy carries solar panels with battery back up, and a GPRS enabled data logger or instruments with a low power radio link to shore. Weighing 35 kg and having a total length of 1.8m, this buoy is easy to handle and deploy. The single point mooring not only makes for easy deployment and recovery, but also reduces the drag in high flow areas. 



• Dredge Monitoring
• Coastal Monitoring
• Lake Monitoring
• River Monitoring
• Estuary Monitoring


• A low cost, compact and lightweight monitoring solution for rapid deployment in sheltered coastal and inshore areas.

• Targeted for short term monitoring and emergency deployments in applications where additional or back up monitoring is required, the buoy is designed to alert users to unexpected rises in turbidity, or changes in other parameters such as disolved oxygen, PH, and current.

• Designed for use in applications where data needs to be obtained ASAP, and where other data collection systems would be difficult to deploy from small vessels.



• 1.8m total length
• 70cm diameter
• 60kg net buoyancy
• 2 off 14W solar panels



• Web connection for automatic data harvesting
• GPRS/GSM and radio telemetry
• Data can be transmitted to mobile phones, vessels or remote users
• Can be equipped with a range of weather, turbidity and/or dissolved oxygen sensors to suit specifications

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Small data buoy, rotationally moulded polyethylene hull with integral ballast skirt. Diameter 0.7m. Buoyancy 50kg. Weight Approx.40kg. Including top frame with Marker Beacon (1NM, yellow -flashes 5 in every 20 secs), 2 x 14W Solar Panels. Sealed waterproof electronics canister containing 24Ah LiPo Battery Pack includes bulkheads for Solar input, on/off, Antenna and 1 x instrument
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