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Single and Dual Axis T700 Inclinometer

Single and Dual Axis T700 Inclinometer

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The T700 range of Solid State Inclinometers measure inclination proportional to sine of angle in single or dual axes. The inclinometer utilises MEM technology and has positive mechanical stops conferring excellent shock resistance.
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The inclinometer utilises MEMS technology and has mechanical stops giving excellent shock resistance. The unit is compensated for the effects of temperature on both sensitivity and zero.

Designed for operation from an unregulated DC power source, the T700 is packaged in a robust aluminium alloy housing with an integral shielded cable 1m long. The shield is connected to the sensor case. The T700 is fitted with a temperature sensor.

Full Scale Angular Range (each axis)                  ± 30 or ± 90 Degrees
Signal Output                                                    Analog voltage
Full Scale Output
±90 unit                                  ±2.000 ± 0.050 Volts
Full Scale Output ±30 unit                                  ±1.000 ± 0.050 Volts
Zero Offset Voltage                                            2.500 ± 0.050 Volts
Max deviation from sine function                         < ± 0.5 %FSO
Cross Axis Sensitivity                                        < ± 3% Full Scale Output
Band Width                                                       10 Hz (-3db)
Rise Time                                                         < 1 Second
Warm Up Time                                                  < 60 Seconds
Power Supply                                                    +6.5 to +18 Volts DC
Current Consumption                                          5 mA nom.
Electrical Connection                                          Integral cable 300mm long
Weight                                                              < 50 Grams
Operating Temperature Range                             -20 to +60 Degrees C
Storage Temperature                                          -55 to +125 Degrees C
Mechanical Shock                                              > 3500 g (0.5mS, ½ sine)
Humidity/Immersion                                            IP55
Insulation Resistance
                                          > 100MΩ @ 25 volts dc
Housing Material                                                 Aluminium alloy
Housing finish                                                     Chromate conversion coating
Temperature Sensor                                            AD592 Output 1 μA/Degree K

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Description       MEMS inclinometer, power supply 6.5-18 volts DC, linearity ±0.5%, operating temperature -20 to +60°C, bandwidth 10Hz, with 300mm cable

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T700 Inclinometer
MEMS inclinometer, range ±30 or ±90 degrees, power supply 6.5-18vDC, linearity ±0.5%, operating temperature -20 to +60°C, bandwidth 10Hz, with 300mm cable.
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