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GRD3301 Series GPRS Data Logger with Web Interface for Analogue and Digital Inputs

GRD3301 Series GPRS Data Logger with Web Interface for Analogue and Digital Inputs

Quick Overview

The GRD 3301 series data loggers can monitor 2 analogue inputs and 4 digital state or counter inputs. Data is sent from the unit via GPRS to a MySQL database on a remote server which publishes the data to a web browser interface with user/password security. The web interface provides both real time and historic data in table and graph format. Data can be downloaded from the web page in XLS format as required. SMS and email alerts can be generated for alarm conditions. Customers may also publish data direct to their own MySQL database on their server.
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  • Data Logger with integral GSM/GPRS modem
  • Max sample rate 1 minute, max web update rate 1 minute or on change of threshold
  • GRD3301-XF 2 analogue inputs:    1 x 0-10v/0-1v/4-20mA, 1 x 0-10v/PT100/4-20mA
  • 4 digital channels can be configured as pulse counter inputs, digital state, and also 2 digital outputs
  • Resolution 1/0.1mV, 1uA, 0.1°C
  • Collect data via web browser interface
  • Control remote equipment using relay outputs via SMS or M2MData web interface
  • Use anywhere in the world with GSM/GPRS cover
  • Fully user programmable via windows software
  • Configuration for channel labels, scaling, alarm levels etc. via web interface
  • 9-30vDC power supply (50mA at 12vDC)
  • Unit stores up to 100,000 readings should the GPRS connection be lost and uploads readings when the connection is re-established
  • Unit can be configured to send direct SMS messages on alarm conditions


The GRD data logger communicates via GPRS with the middleware software application which can be hosted on your own server and sends all data to an SQL database. The middleware can be configured to publish the data to a web browser or in MODBUS TCP/IP format. The middleware software allows customers to quickly integrate data from their remote GRD RTU units with their own data base or SCADA system


The GRD can also be configured to send SMS messages directly to a number of mobile numbers for specified alarm conditions such as high or low analogue signals.

The GRD sends real time and historic data to our M2MData web interface. Here the data is displayed in table and chart views. You can have a customised page for your company or organisation with a secure login.

Data can also be displayed real time with control panel and mimic panel views. Users with admin rights can also set alarm levels for individual parameters to generate SMS and email alerts to specified recipients.

Contact Omni Instruments now to discuss your online data logging and monitoring requirements: Tel: 0845 9000 601 or 01382 443000.

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GRD3300 Series GPRS Data Logger
GRD3301-XF GSM/GPRS data logger and SMS alarm unit with 2 Analogue Inputs (Ch1 configured to 0-1V, 0-10V or 4-20mA; Ch2 configured to PT100, 0-10V or 4-20mA), 4 digital state/counter inputs (2 configurable as NPN Outputs). Power supply 9-30vDC. USB port for local programming and configuration. The GRD will connect to a remote server to generate a MySQL database for data logging. Our M2M web interface can also be used for monitoring and to provide SMS or e-mail alarming. GRD unit has an internal back-up memory for up to 100,000 readings in the event of connection issues with mobile network or remote server. Units can also be configured to send direct SMS messages on alarm conditions on any analogue or digital state input and accept SMS instructions to activate a digital output.
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