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KIBe Email Based Supervision and Alarm Unit

KIBe Email Based Supervision and Alarm Unit

Quick Overview

KIBe-E is a device capable of featuring events and alerts notifications by sending and receiving e-mails, without the need for a PC. You can connect a switch, sensor or alarm to your KIBe-E and quickly receive an e-mail notice of any unexpected situation occurring within the system / machine / device you are monitoring. Because of its bi-directionality, KIBe-E can receive incoming e-mail messages and actively operate by enabling or disabling an output, such as a relay or any other device. It is very easy to install and configure; it allows you to send up to 128 e-mail messages through an Ethernet network connected to the Internet through a Cable Modem, ADSL, wireless or telephone connection. All e-mail messages sent through KIBe-E can be configured according to the notice to be given.
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Input Modes:

Standard Mode: Up to 24 different programmable e-mails with subject, multiple recipients and body.
Codified Mode:  128 different programmable e-mails with subject, multiple recipients and body.
Dynamic Mode: Send / Receive e-mails by means of its RS232 Port from intelligent electronic devices.

  • Easy web browser configuration.
  • 8 Digital Inputs, configurable Active High or Active Low and Edge Triggered.
  • Programmable delay for activation of digital inputs.
  • 3 Digital Outputs, open collector.
  • Programmable digital output hold-on time.
  • On power failure, holds digital outputs states.
  • E-mail digital inputs check, by request.
  • Device search utility.
  • DIN Rail mounting (optional).

The KIBe is simply configured via a browser interface to set up email addresses and alarm conditions etc.


Outgoing KIBe-E e-mail messages

  • Notice of full vending-machinemoney compartment to the reloader’s Cell-Phone, Pager, PDA or PC.
  • Notice of refrigerated warehouse electric failure to maintenance staff.
  • Notice of low pressure in industrial plant´s steam circuit.
  • Notice of electric generator malfunctioning at a remote station.
  • Notice of stopped elevator in a Building.
  • Notice of decreased pipe flow.
  • Notice of security access breach.

KIBe-E incoming e-mail messages

  • Instruct KIBe-E to fully stop malfunctioning equipment.
  • Instruct KIBe-E to open or close a lock.
  • Instruct KIBe-E to connect an electric network´s alternative device.
  • Show e-mail message body on intelligent displays.

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Components / Downloads

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E-mail Based Supervisor. 1 RS232 port. 8 digital inputs, 3 open collector digital outputs. Power Supply 9-30vDC @ 200mA max. Dimensions: 43 x 173 x 84mm, weight 235g. Operating Temperature -5 to +65°C.
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