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MC 4.0 ManoAir Pressure Gauge
  • MC 4.0 ManoAir Pressure Gauge

MC 4.0 ManoAir Pressure Gauge

Quick Overview

The MC 4.0 ManoAir is part of the MC 4.0 range but comes with a pressure sensor module that allows the unit to measure absolute or differential pressure. The MC 4.0 ManoAir includes an internal logger for up to 1 million readings, Bluetooth connectivity and pressure module for connecting 2 sensors. The pressure modules are used for precise flow and differential pressure measurement of gaseous media on filters and in pitot tubes in the ventilation duct. They are used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning as well as in clean rooms. Two pressure modules are available for the measuring ranges ±2000 Pa and ±20 kPa, which can be exchanged with a single movement.

The MC 4.0 ManoAir is the replacement for the ManoAir 100 Digital Manometer.

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The MC 4.0 ManoAir is available with 2 different pressure ranges, ±2,000Pa and ±20kPa. Each range comes with an internal logger suitable for up to 1 million readings and bluetooth connectivity, plus options to include a touchscreen interface or a larger 4,000mAh battery

Future options will allow for vane anemometers, thermoair or humidity sensors, plus additional measuring channels.


  • Modular concept allows a single instrument so adapt to various different applications.
  • 3.2" display with button operation, plus option for touchscreen display
  • MC 4.0 ManoAir are supplied with removable rubber case in green.
  • Minimum, Maximum and Average values continuously selectable
  • Measurement rate of 2 Secs.
  • Internal logger with 1 million reading capacity in 4GB storage
  • Bluetooth options to allow for interface with mobile app or other bluetooth devices.


MC 4.0 ManoAir Display Unit

Display: 3.2" TFT Display
Unit of Measure:

Flow: m/s, km/h, ft/s. mph
Volume: Flow: m³h, l/min, m³/s, cfm
Humidity: %RH
Temperature: °C, F, °K
Pressure: Pa, mBar, mm H20, PSI, VOC, CO2 and PM1: ppm
Power Supply: Lithium Polymer Battery
Battery Life: Approx 15 Hours
Case Dimensions: 168 x 68 x 38mm
IP Rating: IP67
Weight: Approx 300g
Operating Temp: 0 to 60°C
Humidity: 0-99%RH
Protective Case: Removable Green Rubber Case. Also available in Blue, Red or Orange.


Pressure Range ±2,000Pa ±20kPa
Resolutions 1 Pa 0.01kPa

<100Pa ±3Pa
>100Pa ±10Pa
<100Pa ±0.03kPa
>100Pa ±0.01kPa
Pressure Connection Push-on nipple Ø 3mm inside

Availability: Stock Item


Components / Downloads

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