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MiniAir 6 Anemometer with Separate Electronics
  • MiniAir 6 Anemometer with Separate Electronics

MiniAir6 Vane Anemometers with Separate Electronic Housing

Quick Overview

These MiniAir 6's are vane anemometer with a separate electronics housing for measuring the flow velocities of gases with a linear voltage output. The separate electronics housing allows the standard Plastic, Aluminium snaphead to be used for air flow measurements up to 140°C. The electronics can be used to a maximum of 80°C. The MiniAir 6 provides a 0-2V output relative to flow velocity ranges of up to 20m/s or 40m/s with Micro, Mini and Macro sized turbines. The sensors are simple to install and can be easily integrate into a fixed system with other instrumentation including data loggers or displays.
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The MiniAir6 range of anemometers are designed with three separate parts. The snap head anemometer, a probe handle and a separate elecronic housing. The probe handle contains a magnetic switch that provides a pulse each time a turbine blade passes the top of the handle. The electronic components are all housed in the separate housing and this housing will accept the pulses from the probe and convert this to the 0-2V output. The probe has a 5m cable that connects to the electronics housing and there is another 2m cable with flying leads for connecting the output to your own system. The separate electronics housing allows the probe to be used for air flows up to 140°C, but the electronics housing must be kept below 80°C.

In anemometry, the accuracy achieved by a vane probe is acknowledged to be unmatched. The vane rotation is closely linear to flow velocity and is unaffected by pressure, temperature, density and humidity. In the MiniAir probes, as each metal blade passes the probe handle, a pulse is generated by a simple magnetic pick up in the handle. The electronics in the separate housing reads the pulses generated and converts these readings to a linear 0-2V output signal.

The MiniAir vane anemometers are available in three different sizes: Micro; Mini; and Macro, with two different flow ranges available for each: 0-20ms; and 0-40m/s. Each anemometer has a different starting flow velocity due the differences in the initial combination of size and flow velocity have slightly different start up flow velocity as a certain flow is required to overcome the initial stationary friction forces of the individual turbines. This varies with the size, range and blade materials. All outputs are ranged from 0m/s and the anemometers will provide readings below the initial start up speeds once the turbines have some momentum.


Air Probe MiniAir 6 Micro MiniAir 6 Mini MiniAir 6 Macro
Range 20m/s 0.6 - 20 m/s 0.4 - 20 m/s 0.2 - 20 m/s
Range 40m/s 0.7 - 40 m/s 0.5 - 40 m/s N/A

±1.0% full scale
±3.0% reading
±1.0% full scale
±1.5% reading
Operating Temp - Probe -10 to +140°C
Operating Temp - Electronics -10 to +80°C
Power Supply 9 - 26vDC
Output Signal 0 - 2V
Head Dimensions ø 11 x 15 mm ø 22 x 28 mm ø 85 x 80 mm
Access Opening 16mm 35mm  
Probe Length 165mm 175mm 225mm
Housing Dimensions 105 x 20 x 30mm (L x H x W)
Cable Length to Electronics 5m Cable
Cable Length from Electronics 2m Cable

Snap-Head ReplacementSnap Head Principle

The snap-head fixing system renders it very simple to fit a new impeller to the flow probe: this saves costly non-productive time and in the event of damage to the snap-head enables you to have the probe back in service in a matter of seconds by simply changing the snap-head.

Every MiniAir probes generate a pulse each time a vane blade passes the probe handle and the MiniAir 6 electronics converts the output to a linear 0-2V output. Each snap head and probe handle are paired and any replacement snap head should be of the same original size and flow range. Fitting an incorrect snap head will not match the probe handle and therefore the MiniAir 6 will no longer provide an accurate output.

Please note, MiniAir anemometers with fully Steel measuring heads are screwed to the shaft and are not replaceable.

The standard probes are a synthetic plastic construction snap head with an Aluminium vane turbine and handle. These units are ideal for non-aggressive air and gas flow measurements. For aggressive applications, a Steel vane and handle version is available for aggressive gases, plus a Brass version with the Macro turbine for lower flow ranges. A fully Steel version can be used for high temperature applications up to 250°C. Links for these products, and the standard MiniAir 6 anemometer with electronics in the probe handles, are provided in the section below.

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For further information, technical advice, or a quotation please call or email us. If you are not sure which product you need one of our technical sales advisors will be happy to discuss your application. We also accept company purchase orders by fax or post. Credit card orders can also be placed over the phone for any product.

Extension Rods
Aluminium extension rod for the MiniAir/Water range of vane/turbine probes. Diameter 15mm and 180mm long extension rod. Rod includes M12 male and female threads for connecting to all MiniAir, MiniWater and ThermoAir probes.
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Aluminium extension rod for the MiniAir/Water range of vane/turbine probes. Diameter 15mm and 300mm long extension rod. Rod includes M12 male and female threads for connecting to all MiniAir, MiniWater and ThermoAir probes.
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