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Meteon Data Logger

Meteon Data Logger

Quick Overview

The Meteon is an accurate handheld display and data logger designed specifically for the measurement of solar irradiance in combination with Kipp & Zonen radiometers and pyranometers. The Meteon will log up to 3500 samples, storing min, max and average value per logging interval. The logger will operate for 50 days on internal batteries. The Meteon data logger is supplied with a touch carrying case, software, USB cable and batteries. Terminals allow for connection to a radiometer using bare wires or 4mm banana plugs. The small size, internal batteries and universal input makes the Meteon an ideal unit for field testing applications with the NRLite 2, CUV5, PQS1 or the SP Lite 2 and CMP series pyranometers.



  • Portable handheld display unit
  • Suitable for most Kipp & Zonen radiometers
  • Displays real-time solar radiation values
  • User-friendly Windows™ software
  • Long battery life (50 days with 2 AA batteries)

The Meteon unit displays real-time radiation values in Watt per square meter or PAR in micro-mol per square meter per second. Configuration with a computer is simple, using the supplied software and USB interface cable. Just select the radiometer type from a list, enter its sensitivity (shown on the label on the sensor), and the correct measuring range is automatically selected. The software also allows logged data to be presented graphically, or it can be exported to spreadsheets, such as Excel.

The light weight, small size and ease of use make meteon the perfect choice for field or test use in Meteorology, Agriculture, Industry and Education. The supplied carrying case also provide sufficient space for a pyranometer allowing everything you require to be kept in one case.


  • PAR reading in greenhouses with PQS1
  • UV radiation check with CUV 5
  • Net-radiation logger with the NR-Lite2
  • Efficiency check of solar panel installations with a pyranometer
  • Radiation transmission test for greenhouse windows
  • Incoming radiation readout for solar collectors

The Meteon can be configured for use with the following Kipp & Zonen solar radiation sensors:

  • PQS 1 PAR Quantum
  • NR Lite 2
  • CUV 5
  • SP Lite 2
  • Any CMP pyranometer
  • CM 4

The Meteon is delivered in a tough carrying case together with:

  • 2AA alkaline batteries
  • Software and manual on a CD-ROM
  • USB interface cable


Analogue inputs range: ±6.25 to ±200mV
A/D Conversion resolutions: 16 Bit
Temperature coefficient <0.5% over range
Uncertainty: <0.1%
Display: 4 digit LCD with polarity
Communication interface: USB 1.1/2.0 cable included
Data logger memory: 3518 samples
Logging interval: 2 to 65535 Seconds
Logged information: Data samples, min, max & average.
Operating temperature range: -10 to +40°C (95%RH non-condensing)
Input connectors:  2 x 4mm banana plugs
Batteries:  >50 days continuous use

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