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LP02-TR Pyranometer with integrated transmitter.
  • LP02-TR Pyranometer with integrated transmitter.

LP02-TR Pyranometer with integrated transmitter.

Quick Overview

The LP02-TR Pyranometer is a solar radiation sensor with an integrated transmitter that can be used for most common solar radiation observations. It complies with the latest ISO and WMO standards. This Pyranometer covers the 305 - 2800nm spectral range of global incoming radiation. This pyranometer provides a 4-20mA output for 0 - 1600W/m².
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The LP02 measures the solar radiation flux that is incident on a plane surface in W/m² from a 180 degrees field of view (also called "global" solar radiation). The LP02 sensor is completely passive, using a thermopile sensor, it generates a small output voltage proportional to this flux which is converted to a 4-20mA output through the integrated amplifier. Contrary to photodiode-based and "black and white" instruments LP02 has a spectrally flat response across the full solar spectrum.


ISO classification: Second Class
Spectral range 305 - 2800nm
Sensitivity (nominal) 15 μV/Wm²
Temperature range -40 to +80°C
Input 7.2-35vDC for transmitter
Output 4 - 20mA for 0 - 1,600W/m²

Applicable standards are ISO 9060 and 9847, WMO (World Meteorological Organisation), and ASTM E824-94. LP02 can also be used for stability estimations according to EPA ( EPA-454/R-99-005).

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ISO classification: second class. Input 7.2 to 35vDC for transmitter. Output Signal from transmitter (programmable), either 4-20mA or 4-20mA with HART protocol, Output specifications 4mA = 0W/m², 20mA = 1,600W/m². Can be adapted at customers request, Transmitter dimensions DIN form B, comes with 5m cable.180° field of view.
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