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Accustar-EA Electronic Inclinometer

Accustar-EA Electronic Inclinometer

Quick Overview

Accustar Electronic Inclinometer. Solid state capacitance device for angle measurement up to +/- 60 degrees. This small, rugged, light weight device provides high accuracy (+/-0.1 deg) angle measurement at a reasonable cost.
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The AccuStar-EA Electronic Clinometer is the next generation in the highly acclaimed AccuStar® family. Building on the success of the original AccuStar®, the AccuStar-EA takes low cost tilt sensing to the next level by combining 100% solid state technology with digital calibration and proprietary filtering techniques. The result is an extremely accurate tilt sensor with improved linearity, expanded linear sensing range (±60°), generous operating temperature range (-40 to +80°C), and a 70% reduction in temperature induced errors.

Like its predecessor the AccuStar-EA measures just 2 inches in diameter, making this compact and affordable sensor the ideal choice where high accuracy tilt measurements are required in space restrictive applications.

The AccuStar-EA mounts easily onto any vertical surface using just two M3.5 screws. The slot at the base allows for fine adjustment of the zero angle position after installation. With a choice of either Single-Ended or Bipolar DC output models, the AccuStar -EA is designed for easy installation and integration.


  • ±60 Linear Sensing Range
  • Single-Ended and Bipolar DC Models
  • High Accuracy
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Rugged Plastic Housing
  • CE Certified


  • Wheel Alignment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Antenna Positioning
  • Robotics
  • Stadium Loudspeaker Positioning
  • Tilt Safety Systems


Total Range: ±65°
Linear Range: ±60°
Resolution: 0.05°
Cross Axis Error: <1% up to 90°
Frequency Response: 2.0Hz @ -3db
Cable: 18" flying leads, PTFE insulation
Operating Temperature: -40 to +80°C
Storage Temperature: -55 to +80°C


Model Single-Ended Analog Output
Part Number 02114002-000 02115002-000
Input Voltage +5 to +30vDC ±5 to ±15vDC
Input Current (Max) 5mA 5mA / Supply
Load Resistance (Min) 10k Ohms
Output 0.5 to 4.5vDC 60mV /. degree
Level Output (0°) 2.5vDC 0vDC


Accustar Dimensions

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Accustar-EA Electronic Inclinometers
Accustar Electronic Inclinometer with a Bi-Polar Analogue Output. Solid state capacitance device for angle measurement of ±60 degrees (linear range ±45 degrees). Power Supply: Regulated ±8 to ±15vDC @ 5mA. Scale factor 60mV/degree ±10%, Zero degree at 0vDC. Operating temperature -40 to +80°C.
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Accustar Electronic Inclinometer with a Single Ended Output. Solid state capacitance device for angle measurement of ±60 degrees (linear range ±45 degrees). Power Supply: 5 to 30vDC @ <= 5 mA. Output 0.5 to 4.5vDC, Zero degree at 2.5vDC. Operating temperature -40 to +80°C.
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