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13203CC Uniaxial Accelerometer
  • 13203CC Uniaxial Accelerometer

13203CC Interchangeable, Rugged Uniaxial Accelerometer ±1g to ±15g

Quick Overview

The 13203CC accelerometer is a single axis MEMS accelerometers with ranges from ±1g to ±15g. Bandwidth 6.6 to 800Hz. 8.5-36vDC supply and 0.25 to 4.75vDC output these units are easy to interface with displays, data loggers, etc. without the need for any further signal conditioning. Supplied in rugged aluminum housing with terminal block or flying lead.
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  • Fully interchangeable sensors.
  • Rugged for harsh environments
  • High accuracy and linearity over wide temperature ranges
  • Small Size
  • Built in power supply regulation
  • Three year warranty
Precisely Measure Rates Over Temperature

The Summit Instruments 13203CC is an interchangeable and rugged uniaxial accelerometer capable of accurately measuring acceleration under demanding environmental conditions. A tough, compact housing holds potted electronics and a shielded heavyweight cable. Its cubical form allows mounting with the sensing axis oriented in any direction.

The 13203CC provides enhanced accuracy and durability features to meet the challenges of your application. In addition to its robust construction, increased precision is achieved through improved offset and gain compensation.

Each axial sensor has been tested over the -40 to +85°C temperature range and has a nominal full scale output swing of ±2 Volts. Sensors are available in various fixed sensitivities, each with a 2.500 V offset. The 13203CC can also be ordered with different bandwidths (6.6Hz to 800Hz) and wiring configurations.

IdentiCal™ Interchangeable Sensor

IdentiCal™ sensors eliminate the management of calibration data and allow convenient interchangeability of individual sensors. With standardized sensitivity and offset, there is no need to enter new parameters for each unit. With each unit producing identical outputs the 13203CC is perfect for high volume use.

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Description       Interchangeable, Rugged Uniaxial Accelerometer. Power supply 8.5-36vDC, output 0.25 - 4.75vDC, operating temperature -40 to +85°C, weight 35 grams, dimensions 24 x 24 x 27.3mm.

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13203CC Uniaxial Accelerometer
13203CC Interchangeable Uniaxial Accelerometer
13203CC Interchangeable Uniaxial Accelerometer
Interchangeable, Rugged Uniaxial Accelerometer. Range ±1g to ±15g, 0-6.6Hz to 0-800Hz bandwidth, power supply 8.5-36vDC, output 0.25 - 4.75vDC, operating temperature -40 to +85°C, weight 35 grams, dimensions 24 x 24 x 27.3mm.
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Mounting Adaptors
Aluminium Mounting Adapter for cubical accelerometers. Kit includes two 3.0 x 6mm screws for attaching the adapter to the accelerometer. Dimensions 36.02 x 24.03 x 3mm.
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