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Spyglass Open Path Combustible Gas Detection System
  • Spyglass Open Path Combustible Gas Detection System

Spyglass Open Path Combustible Gas Detector

Quick Overview

The Spyglass open path gas detection system is designed to detection the presence of combustible gases in the atmosphere between two points. The system works by monitoring the absorption of radiation caused by the presence of specific gases in the atmosphere. Spyglass units are robustly designed with Stainless Steel housings and epoxy coated circuit boards to provide IP66/68 and NEMA 250 6P ingress protection. Units are also MIL-C-810C tested for humidity, salt, fog, vibration , mechanical shock and temperature extreme. Units are also SIL-2 approved. The maximum distance between the Spyglass Flash Source and Detector can be up to 200m. These units are most often used in addition to point type gas detectors to monitor a wider area.


The Spyglass Open Path Detector is an innovative, next generation solution to open path combustible gas detection. It can replace multiple point detectors, detects multiple gases at once, and is durable, proving to be a smart, cost efficient choice for combustible gas detection.


  • Multi-combustible gas detection covering C1-C8 flammable gases
  • High sensitivity and fast response to hydrocarbon gases
  • Maintains operation in up to 90% signal obscuration and 30.5 degrees of misalignment
  • Detects ambient combustible gases over a path length of up to 200 meters
  • Simple one person installation, alignment and calibration
  • Easy detector communication via RS485, HART or an IS handheld unit, plus standard 0-20mA output.
  • Automatic heated optics to prevent icing, snow or condensation build ups.
  • Solar blind and immune to industrial environments
  • Built-in event recorder to log all alerts and warnings
  • Stainless steel construction with epoxy coated circuit boards for ingress protection.
  • Multiple regulatory approvals including SIL 2, ATEX and IECEx approvals
  • Supplied with a 3 year warranty for complete system and 10 years for Xenon flash bulbs


  • Petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other chemical storage and production areas
  • Flammable and toxic chemical storage sites and hazardous waste disposal areas
  • Refineries, oil platforms, pipelines, refueling stations and fuel storage facilities
  • Hazardous loading docks, transportation depots, and shipping warehouses
  • Engine rooms
  • Compressor and pumping stations
  • LNG-LPG Systems
  • Offshore Floating Production Storage and Shipping vessels (FPSO), and fixed oil rigs.

The Spyglass detection consists of an advanced Xenon Flash infrared transmitter (source) and infrared detector (receiver), separated over a line of sight up to 200m to detect and quantify flammable gas presence, even when challenged by extremely harsh environments where dust, fog, rain, snow or vibration can cause a high reduction of signal.

The open path Spyglass system detects combustible gases using dual spectral range monitoring and analysis of the absorption of radiation caused by gases in the atmosphere and comparing the ratio to background atmospheric absorption from the third source. The Spyglass detectors use wavelengths around 2.3μ spectral band to measure air flammability potential between the source and detector. At this wavelength, all hydrocarbon materials have an absorption peak. This enables the detector to achieve regular sensitivity of 0-5 LEL.m. Using three signals contributes to the reduction of false diagnostics and assure high immunity to false alarms.

The Spyglass detection system monitors the level of gas present between the source and detector units and provides a measurement out in LEL.meters instead of in %LEL as used with point type gas detectors. Both examples below show gas clouds with a reading of 1 LEL.meter.

Open Path Combustible Gas Detection

The Spyglass units includes heated optics on the transmitter and receiver to address icing, condensation and snow and the infrared technology will maintain operational integrity up to 90% obstruction and accepts up to a 1°misalignment tolerance. No matter the application, the Spyglass is an ideal open path system and suitable for installations on offshore platforms, refineries and other onshore locations anywhere in the world.

The I.S. approved handheld diagnostics unit (Part no. 8000450) is available to make installation and maintenance easier. This is an all-on-one diagnost ic/calibration/interrogation plug-in unit that allows for one person installation and maintenance. The handheld unit can be used:

  • For on site function programming and set up changes to the detector.
  • During installation, the handheld unit will display all the detector's parameters and confirm that the installation has been completed successfully. It is also required to perform the necessary zero calibration function
  • For maintenance and troubleshooting - the handheld unit will provide recommendation of maintenance action to overcome and optimize the Detector's performance.


Enclosure: The Detector, Source and Tilt Mount are all 316 Stainless Steel Electro Chemical and Passivised Coating.
Explosion Proof: ATEX & IECEX EX II 2GD
Ex db eb ib [ib Gb] IIB+H2 T4 Gb
Ex tb IIIC T135°C Db IP66
FM/FMC Class I Div. 1 Groups B, C and D
Class II/III Div.1 Groups E, F and G
T6 -50°C  < Ta < 65°C
Functional Testing: Approved per FM 6325. Tested by FM per EN60079-29-4
IP Protection: IP66/68. IP68 Rated for 2m Depth for 45 minutes. NEMA 250 type 6P
Electrical Modules: Conformal Coated
Electrical Connection: 2 X M25 (ISO) or 2 x 3/4"-14NPT Conduits
Dimensions: Detector 267 x 130 x 130mm
Source 267 x 130 x 130mm
Tilt Mount 120 x 120 x 40mm
Weight: Detector 5Kg
Source 5Kg
Titl Mount 1.9Kg

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