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Fuel Level Sensor DUT-E

Fuel Level Sensor DUT-E

Quick Overview

The DUT-E fuel level sensor is designed for precision fuel level measurement in tanks of vehicles, trucks, tractors, road-building machinery, fixed installations. DUT-E is used as a standard fuel level sensor or as an additional sensor to be used with AVL, FMS or vehicle tracking systems.

DUT-E level sensor is not suitable for use with conductive fluids.
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  • Electrical non-interaction with the tank body
  • Allows cutting "at place" up to 30% of its initial length without recalibration
  • Protection of fuel level sensor output from short circuit
  • Protection from over voltage (up to 100V)
  • Sensors are delivered calibrated, ie. devices are interchangeable and there is no necessity to make tank calibration when you replace DUT-E sensors.
  • Stable and exact output signal
  • Bayonet lock and small overall dimensions of the outside sensor part
  • Possibility of sealing

Operating Principal: Capacitive
Accuracy: ±1%
Supply Voltage: 10..50 V, protection up to 100 V
Operating Temperature: -40 to +85 оC
Current Consumption: < 10mA
Output Signal:

Analog (Output Range 1.5-4.5V);
Analog (Output Range 2.5-9V);
Digital CAN interface;
Digital RS 232 interface;
Digital RS 485 interface;
Frequency Output 500-1500 Hz.
Length (mm) 2500, 2000, 1400*, 1000*, 700*, 500, 350, 250, 180

* Only specified lengths for DUT-E sensors with Digital outputs. Additional KDC extensions can be used for longer probe lengths up to a total length of 6m.

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DUT-E capacitance fuel level sensor, ranges 1400, 1000, 700, 500, 350, 250, 180 mm, available with 1.5-4.5v or 1.5-9.5v output. Power supply10-50v DC @ 10mA. Operating temperature -40 to +80 deg C, accuracy +/-1% FSD.
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DUT-E capacitance fuel level sensor. Power supply 10-50vDC @ 10mA. Operating temperature -40 to +80°C, accuracy ±1% FSD. Output: 1.5-4.5vDC, Probe length: 250mm
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DUT-E capacitance fuel level sensor. Power supply 10-50vDC @ 10mA. Operating temperature -40 to +80°C, accuracy ±1% FSD. Output: 2.5-9vDC, Probe length: 350mm
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