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Elpro 105U-G Wireless Protocol Telemetry Modems

Elpro 105U-G Wireless Protocol Telemetry Modems

Quick Overview

The 105U-G Wireless gateway products provide a wireless interface between various data buses used in process and automation applications: Profibus; Ethernet; Modbus; DF1; DeviceNet; Modbus Plus. The 105U-G includes an integral radio transceiver, and transfers transducer and control signals (I/O) using a highly secure and highly reliable radio protocol. Each unit has eight, discreet digital I/O individually configurable as input or output. The Wireless Instrumentation Backbone (WIB) allows direct communication to other Elpro 105U and 505U telemetry units allowing systems to be customised to any application.
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  • Wireless extension of factory automation buses such as Profibus and Ethernet, providing a high security firewall.
  • Interconnect different data buses - wireless protocol conversion
  • Interface between PLC's, DCS, HMI or SCADA and ELPRO wireless I/O units
  • Connects to data bus at full bus speed (e.g. 12Mb/s for Profibus, 100Mb/s for Ethernet)
  • Can interconnect master-slave, slave - slave and master - master.
  • Provides a peer-to-peer wireless network using WIB-net.
  • Eight on-board discrete I/O, individually configurable as input or output.
  • I/O expansion using serial I/O units.
  • Network configuration is performed with easy-to-use free software.
  • High security data encryption
  • Automatic acknowledgment and error correction
  • Peer to peer addressing
  • Multiple path routing.
  • Wide range power supply options. integral back-up battery charging feature.


The 105U radio protocol is designed for very efficient radio usage, with configurable communications based on event reporting (I/O change), update times and/or poll response. By using fixed frequency radio bands the units cover licensed radio channels in most countries, please refer to your local Government agency for details on relevant applicable legislation and restrictions.
ELPRO has several models featuring all of the popular protocols
  • 105U-G-MD1 Modbus Master, Modbus Slave, DF1 interface
  • 105U-G-PR1 Profibus DP Slave interface
  • 105U-G-PR2 Profibus DP Master interface
  • 105U-G-ET1 Ethernet IP / Modbus TCP / HTTP-FTP-Email
  • 105U-G-M+1 Modbus Plus Slave interface


Reference MD1 PR1 PR2 ET1 M+1 DE1
Description Wireless Gateway
Data Bus Modbus/DF1 Profibus Slave Profibus Master Ethernet Modbus Plus Slave DeviceNet 2.0 Slave
Protocol Modbus RTU or DF1 Profibus DP Ethernet (Modbus TCP/IP, Dynamic HTTP, SMTP) Modbus Plus DeviceNet 2.0
Data Rate 300bit/s to 19.2kbit/s 9600bit/s to 12Mbit/s 10/100Mbit/s 1Mbit/s 125, 250 or 500kbit/s
Connections RS-232 (9-pin D-sub)
RS-485 (Modbus only, detachable screw terminal)
Detachable screw terminal RJ45 RS-485 (Detachable screw terminal) RS-422 (Detachable screw terminal)
Antenna Connections SMA (female) - 869MHz
BNC (female) - 458MHz
Power Supply 9 to 30VDC / 12 to 24VAC
Rated Current 150mA @ 12VDC 270mA @ 12VDC
Operating Conditions -40 to +60°C. 0-99%RH 0 to +60°C. 0-95%RH
Housing DIN Rail Mountable Extruded Aluminium Enclosure
Dimensions 130 x 185 x 60mm (W x H x D)
Warranty 5 Years
  • Environmental 0 to 60°C, 0-95%RH. (-20 to 60°C, 0-99%RH for the Modbus & DF1 versions.
  • EMC Compliant EN55022, EN50082-1, FCC Part 15
  • Housing - extruded aluminium case 130 x 185 x 60mm with DIN rail mounting
  • Removable terminal blocks for ease of module replacement
  • Terminals suitable for 2.5 sqmm conductors
  • LED indication for processor OK, radio TX and RX, serial TX and RX and active status.
  • Power Supply 9-30vDC or 12-24vAC

The product builder below covers the most common, licence-free frequency, radio units. Higher transmission power or licenced frequency bands are available on request.

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Part Builder

Description       EL-105U-G radio telemetry unit. With 8 x digital I/O channels, power supply 9-30vDC or 12 - 24vAC. Housed in extruded aluminium case, 130 x 185 x 90mm, with Din Rail mounting and removable terminal blocks.

Components / Downloads

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Elpro 105U-G-MD1 radio telemetry unit, with modbus communications, 8 x digital I/O channels, power supply 240vAC or 12 - 30 vDC, 150mA Idle 350mA transmitting.
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