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Hall Effect Gear Tooth Sensor

Hall Effect Gear Tooth Sensor

Quick Overview

1GT1 Series Tooth Sensors use a magnetically biased Hall effect integrated circuit to accurately sense movement of ferrous metal targets. This specially designed I.C., with discrete capacitor and bias magnet, is sealed in a probe type package for physical protection and cost effective installation. Output is digital, current sinking (open Collector). Reverse polarity protection is standard. If power is inadvertently wired backwards, the sensor will not be damaged.
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  • Senses ferrous metal targets
  • Digital current sinking output (open collector)
  • Better signal-to-noise ratio than variable reluctance sensors, excellent low speed performance, output amplitude not dependent on RPM
  • Sensor electronically self-adjusts to slight variations in runout and variations in temperature, simplifying installation and maintenance
  • Fast operating speed - over 100 kHz
  • EMI resistant
  • Reverse polarity protection and transient protection (integrated into Hall I.C.)
  • Wide continuous operating temperature range


Product Type Hall-Effect Gear Tooth Sensor
Package Style Plastic Probe
Supply Voltage 4.5 Vdc to 24.0 Vdc
Output Type Sink
Termination Type Lead Wire
Operating Temp Range -40 °C to 150 °C [-40 °F to 302 °F]
Output Voltage 0.4 Vdc max.
Vane and Geartooth Target Material Cold Rolled Steel, 1018 or Low in Carbon (Annealed)
GT Target RPM 10 RPM min., 3600 RPM max.
Switching Time Rise (10 % to 90 %) 15 µs max.
Switching Time Fall (90 % to 10 %) 1.0 µs max.
Operate Point 3.3 ° ± 1.25 ° [3,28 ° ± 1,13 mm]
Release Point 4.4 ° ± 2.50 ° [4,16 ° ± 2.21 mm]
Supply Current 20 mA (max. @ 25 °C)
Output Current
40 mA (max.)
GT Target Min Tooth Height 5.06 mm [0.200 in]
GT Target Min Tooth Width 2,54 mm [0.100 in]
GT Target Min. Tooth Spacing 10,16 mm [0.400 in]
GT Target Thickness 6,35 mm [0.250 in]
GT Target Diameter 101,6 mm [4 in]
GT Airgap 1,02 mm to 2,03 mm [0.040 in to 0.080 in]
Leakage Current max. 10 µA
Differential 8.4 ° ± 3.70 ° [7,45 ° ± 3,34 mm],N/A
Series Name GT

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Hall effect gear tooth sensor. Supply: 4.5 to 24VDC. Output 40mA sinking switch (open collector). 100kHz operating speed. -40 to +150°C temperature range.
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