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SQ2010 Data Logger
  • SQ2010 Data Logger
  • Customised SQ2010 Logger

SQ2010 Data Logger with 4-8 analogue inputs

Quick Overview

The Squirrel 2010 is a versatile, general purpose data logger with 4 to 8 analogue input channels. The input channels are universal and can be configured to measure current, voltage, resistance and temperature as required. The SQ2010 also has 8 digital channels that can be logged or used as triggers to automatically start or stop logging. The logger can be used as a portable logger using its internal battery power to power sensor and operate the logger. The SQ2010 comes as a complete kit with carry case and all the equipment for portable logging applications, including a mains plug in power supply.
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A powerful portable data logger for everyday use

The Squirrel 2010 is a versatile, general purpose logger, with 4 to 8 analogue input channels to measure current, voltage, resistance and temperature, plus 8 digital channels. All can be logged or used as triggers to automatically start or stop logging.

It is a compact, portable logger which is also suitable for bench based and fixed installations. Easily programmed via the four integral push buttons and large graphical display and with a basic accuracy of 0.1%, the Squirrel 2010 is able to fulfill many routine data logging needs, including more demanding applications requiring up to 10 readings per second on one channel.

Key Features

SQ2010 Data Logger Kit

  • Compact, portable data logger
  • Powered from internal cells, external PSU or via USB connection
  • 4 to 8 universal analogue inputs (current, voltage, resistance or temp)
  • 8 digital inputs for logging or triggering logging (clean contact or 0-5v)
  • 16 derived/calculated channels
  • 2 alarm outputs
  • 2 pulse counter inputs (1 at up to 64kHz, 1 at up to 100Hz)
  • Configured via large easy-to-read graphical display
  • 0.1% accuracy, 24-bit A to D conversion
  • Up to 1.8 million readings
  • Supplied with SquirrelView+ set-up/download and export software

Analogue inputs supported

  • Thermistors
  • Thermocouples J, K, N, R, S, T
  • PT100, PT1000 2 wire
  • Voltage (-6 to +25VDC)
  • Current 4-20mA (+/-30mA)
  • Resistance (0-300,000 ohms)
  • Up to 10 readings per second on 1 channel
  • RS232 communications
  • USB communications

SQ2010 Data Logger kit includes: SQ2010 logger, SquirrelView Plus software, USB download cable, quick start manual, batteries, input terminal blocks, screw driver, and hard carry case.

Netport RS232 to Ethernet converter

  • Converts the original Squirrel data logger’s RS232 output into Ethernet for remote or distributed monitoring
  • Allows the logger to plug in at any point on an existing Ethernet network making data easily accessible to anyone
  • No modification to logger required
  • Requires an existing Ethernet network for connection


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Components / Downloads

For further information, technical advice, or a quotation please call or email us. If you are not sure which product you need one of our technical sales advisors will be happy to discuss your application. We also accept company purchase orders by fax or post. Credit card orders can also be placed over the phone for any product.

SQ2010 Data Logger
Squirrel 2010 data logger, 4 differential or 8 single ended channels, suitable for PT100, thermocouple, mV, V and mA inputs, 24bit resolution, memory 14 million readings. 8 digital inputs, 2 pulse inputs, 2 digital alarm outputs, 5v sensor supply @ 50mA (external 8-28V at 100mA when powered), LCD display with keypad (setup via software or 4 button interface). Up to 10Hz logging rate, USB interface, includes SquirrelView Plus software, USB cable, carry case, batteries and plug in UK/US/EUR power supply.
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Not Available online

Replacement Mains Power Supply
AC power adaptor for SQ2010, 90-264 VAC input, output 12vDC at 500mA.
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SQ2010 Data Logger
Serial ethernet converter kit. Converts the original Squirrel data loggers RS232 output into Ethernet.
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25 pin DIN connector with 1 metre of cable terminated to terminal block ( screw terminals ) for digital and pulse inputs
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Wall mounting bracket
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