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2600 Series Submersible Depth Sensor.

2600 Series Submersible Depth Sensor.

Quick Overview

2600 Series Submersible Depth Sensor for water depth measurements from 0-10m to 0-200m with Current, Voltage or milliVolt outputs. Up to 4,000m water depth is possible, but the sensor will require a subsea housing for additional protection. Available in the Subsea & Offshore Systems section.
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Pressure Range

Up to 200 Metres WG

Proof Pressure

2 x Full Scale (FS) (1.5 x Fs for 400 bar, >= 5000 psi)

Burst Pressure

>35 x FS <= 6 bar (100 psi);
  >20 x FS >=60 bar (1000 psi);
  >5 x FS <= 400 bar (6000 psi)

Fatigue Life

Designed for more than 100 million FS cycles

Long Term Drift

0.2% FS/year (non-cumulative)


0.25 % FS typical (optional 0.15% FS)

Thermal Error

1.5% FS typical (optional 1% FS)

Compensated Temperatures

-20° to 80° C (-5° to 180° F)

Operating Temperatures

-40° to 125° C (-40° to 260° F) for elec. codes A, B, C, 1
  -20° to 80° C (-5° to 180° F) for elec. codes 2, D, G, 3
  -20° to 50° C (-5° to 125° F) for elec. codes F,M, P

Zero Tolerance

1% of span

Span Tolerance

1% of span
Mechanical Configuration  

Pressure Port

see ordering chart

Wetted Parts

17-4 PH Stainless Steel

Electrical Connection

see ordering chart


316 ss, 17-4 PH ss
  IP65 for elec. codes A, B, C, D, G (with connector fitted),1, 2, 3
  IP67 for elec. code “F”
  IP68 for elec. codes M
  IP30 for elec. code “3” with flying leads


35g peak sinusoidal, 5 to 2000 Hz


100g steady acceleration in any direction 0.032% FS/g for 1 bar (15 psi) range decreasing logorithmically to 0.0007% FS/g for 400 bar (6000 psi) range.


Withstands free fall to IEC 68-2-32 procedure 1




approx. 100 grams (additional cable; 75 g/m)

Individual Specifications

Millivolt Output units  

100 mV +/- 1 mV

Supply Voltage(Vs)

10 Vdc (15 Vdc max.) Regulated

Bridge resistance

2600- 6000 ohms

Voltage Output units



see ordering chart

Supply Voltage (Vs)

1.5 Vdc above span to 35 Vdc @ 6 mA

Supply Voltage Sensitivity

0.01% FS/ Volt

Min. Load Resistance

(FS output / 2) Kohms

Current Consumption approx 6 mA at 7.5V output
Current Output units  

4- 20 mA (2 wire)

Supply Voltage (Vs)

24 Vdc, (7- 35 Vdc) Above 100°C supply limited to 24Vdc

Supply Voltage Sensitivity

0.01% FS/ Volt

Max. Loop Resistance

(Vs- 7) x 50 ohms

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Description       2600 Series submersible depth sensor. Stainless Steel body with fully welded stainless steel back end fro demanding submersible and industrial applications.

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Series 2600
Seriess 2600 Submersible Depth Sensor
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