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Vibration Monitoring / Portable Vibration Meters / VM-6360 Hand Held Vibration Meter


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VM-6360 Hand Held Vibration Meter

The VM-6360 is a small portable vibration meter, suitable for general vibration measurement on machinery, motors, pumps and compressors etc.. It utilizes an external accelerometer and magnetic base to improve frequency response and provide a more repeatable vibration reading. The electronic stethoscope allows the user to listen for bearing defects or other mechanical faults while taking readings. The VM-6360 displays both English or Metric units. Vibration velocity is shown in MM/S RMS. Supplied with carry case, piezoelectric accelerometer , magnetic mount, spike probe and operation manual.



Product details


The VM-6360 is ideal for  general vibration measurement on all types of machinery, including motors, pumps and compressors etc..

Measured Ranges:

Acceleration - 0.02 ~ 20g (0.2 ~ 199.9 mm/ss)
Vibration Velocity (True RMS): 0.1 ~ 8 in/sec (0.2 ~ 199.9mm/s)
Displacement (PK-PK), 0.04 ~ 80mil (1 ~ 1999um )
RPM: 5 ~ 99,999 (readings multiplied by 10 if display shows '10')
Frequency - Hz

Windows software real time data view and chart views:


  • Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement and RPM reading
  • English & Metric Units
  • Piezoelectric accelerometer and magnetic base
  • Large LCD Display
  • Pocket Size
  • Automatic power off
  • Max Hold
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Real time reading can viewed on your PC via the optional windows sofware and saved data can be exported to MS Excel.

Calibration certificates are not available for the VM-6360.


Components / Downloads

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VM-6360 hand held vibration meter kit, range 0 - 199 mm/sec velocity, 0 - 20g. 0.04-80 mil displacement, 3 digit LCD display. Complete with 50mm spike, hand held probe, magnetic mounting, interconnecting cable, case and handbook.


Data Sheet



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Windows software for VM-6360 hand held vibration meter, including USB download cable.



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