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CDI5450 Hot Tap Compressed Air Flow Meter
Kenny Laidlaw
Jun 14,2017
The CDI 5450 is a hot tap compressed air flow meter is a modified version of the 5400 compressed more >
A selection of portable handheld vibration meters suitable for monitoring vibrations in motors, pumps, gearboxes, fans and all rotating machinery. Meters are available for purely vibration monitoring, or with a combined vibration and temperature sensors to assist in finding potential problems earlier and so avoid future equipment failures.
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VM220 Portable Vibration Meter
VM220 Portable Vibration Meter
The MTN/VM220 is a compact, rechargeable, portable handheld Vibration meter designed to conform to ISO10816-3 and operate with a constant current accelerometer providing accurate vibration and temperature measurements. The units come as a kit which consists of a compact vibration meter, dual-output general purpose sensor, magnetic base and spike, a coiled cable with 4-pin Lumberg connector at each end, foam-lined protective carry case and universal battery chargers. The dual output sensor provides outputs for g and temperature with a 100mV/g and 10mV/C sensitivity.
Price range : £600.00 - £600.00
VM-6360 Portable Vibration Meter
VM-6360 Hand Held Vibration Meter
The VM-6360 is a small portable vibration meter suitable for general vibration measurement on machinery, motors, pumps and compressors etc. It utilises an external accelerometer and magnetic base to improve frequency response and provide a more repeatable vibration reading. The electronic stethoscope allows the user to listen for bearing defects or other mechanical faults while taking readings. The VM-6360 can display both English or Metric units. Vibration velocity is shown in MM/S RMS. Supplied in a hard carry case with a piezoelectric accelerometer, magnetic mount, spike probe and operation manual.
Price range : £76.40 - £314.55
HS-620 & HS-630 Vibration Meter Kits
HS-620 & HS-630 Vibration Meter Kits
The HS-620 and HS630 portable vibration meters have been specifically designed for use as both an entry level and a comprehensive vibration monitoring instrument for maintenance engineers. The units come as a kit which consists of a compact vibration meter, handheld probe, magnetic mount, protective carry case, instruction manual and battery chargers for both mains and in-car use. The HS-630 meter includes an integrated non-contact temperature sensor.
Price range : £15.00 - £798.00
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