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Radio & GSM Telemetry / Radio Modems
    (10 products)


Handywave HPS-120 Radio Modem

Complete wireless RS232 kit includes two wireless transceivers, 500m or 1200m antennas, power cable and installation manual. Ideal for PC to PC, PC to machine, or machine to machine communications. Pre-configured and paired out of the factory.

Price range: 1.50 - 176.25


Handywave HPS-200 Radio Modem

Complete RS232, RS485 and RS422 industrial radio modem kit with two modems and antennas. Transmission range from 500 to 1200m+, DIN rail mounting and screw terminals.

Price range: 26.79 - 256.34


wRemote 2.4GHz Wireless Data Acquistion System

The wRemote provides a wireless data acquisition system over a Mesh Network to acquire data from multiple nodes. Data is wirelessly collected from many remote nodes and delivered to a central concentrator unit which can be linked to a SCADA/BMS system or MODBUS enabled data loggers such as the GRD or Datataker loggers. Each unit has 1 Serial RS232/485/USB connection with Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol, USB port for configuration or Modbus slave plus the remote nodes also provide connections for 4 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs and 2 analogue inputs (4-20mA or 0-10V).


WSerial 2.4GHz Wireless Radio

The wSerial provides a serial network over a Mesh Network to provide not only point to point but also point to multiple points. A Concentrator unit provides the main interface unit between your SCADA, PLC or HMI system and the Mesh network of remote Node units. Each unit has 1 Serial RS232/485/USB port with Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol, USB port for configuration or Modbus slave. The serial port will also act as a transparent serial tunnel between devices.


WTunnel 2.4GHz Wireless ZigBee Radio System

The wTunnel provides a point to point tunnel connection between two units. Each unit has 1 Serial RS232/485/USB port, 2 Analogue Inputs (0-10 and 4-20mA), 2 Digital Inputs and 2 Digital Outputs. Serial ports will operate as transparent serial port allowing two serial devices to connect over the wireless connection. The Digital Inputs and Outputs will match those on the other unit and the Digital Outputs can be configured to switch on/off at specific Analogue input limits.


X8200 Radio Modems

X8200 Radio Modems can achieve a range of 1 to 3Km through buildings and 3-10Km line of sight without any special antenna configurations. In addition, the Radio Modem RF power can be varied from 5mW to 500mW. Serial data can be transmitted by X8200 with baud rates from 1.2K to 115.2K over distances of 3Km to 10Km line of sight and 1Km to 3Km when located inside buildings.

Price range: 258.00 - 384.00


X8200HP Long Range Radio Modems

X8200HP Radio Modems can achieve a range of 3 to 15Km through buildings and 30 to 50Km in free space. In addition, the Radio Modem RF power can be varied from 1W to 5W. Serial data can be transmitted by X8200HP with baud rates from 1.2K to 115.2K.

Price range: 18.50 - 498.00


Elpro 805U Radio Modem

The Elpro 805U radio modem has the ability to transfer data at 76800bps over distances up to 5Km using the 868Mhz radio band which is licence free in most European countries. The unit features RS232 and RS485 connection options with transparant and controlled modes available.

Price range: 59.20 - 866.00


X7301 Wireless Video Bridge

The X7301 Wireless Video bridge operates on the UK licence exempt band of 1.384GHz with a RF power of 500mW. It consists of a TX7301 Wireless Video Transmitter and a RX7301 Receiver. Real time PAL colour and monochrome video signals can be broadcast over a distance of up 3Km line of sight.

Price range: 359.00 - 730.00


Wireless USB Hub

The wireless USB hub enables connection to external devices such as data loggers using a local WiFi network. This is particularly useful in applications where a direct connection via a cable from a laptop or PC to an acquisition unit is not desirable.

Price range: 37.50 - 120.00






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