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Radio & GSM Telemetry / Wireless Modules for Hazardous Environments / WMO-800S Series High Speed Modem


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WMO-800S Series High Speed Modem

The WMO-800S Series Radio modems are a range of high speed modems. The modems have the ability to transfer data at 76,800 bits/sec over distances up to 5Km using a low power 856.9MHz frequency range, which doesn t require a licence in most European countries. The unit features a single serial port for RS232 or RS485 connection.



Product details

The WMO-800S radio modem provides RS232 or RS485 connections by radio. It is a low cost wireless alternative for linking PLC’s, data loggers, supervisory computers and intelligent transducers.

The WMO-800S has been designed to be easy to use and simple to install. It uses a low power 869MHz radio which does not require a radio licence in most European countries, although you should check this with your local Government agency to confirm. The module is fully integrated with radio, power supply, serial ports and microprocessor controller housed in a strong industrial aluminium case.

  • Provides wireless connectivity for serial devices
  • Licence-free 869MHz radio band
  • Single hop distance 5 km line-of-sight
  • Repeater function in all units for longer distances
  • Radio data rate up to 76,800 bits/sec
  • RS232 / RS485 up to 115,200 bits/sec

Serial Port

Port: A single port suitable for RS485 and RS232 connection.
RS232 Connection: Full duplex operation as a DCE devices with RTS/CTS hardware handshaking- standard D9 connector.
RS485 Connection: Half
duplex operation for twisted-pair multidrop networks.
Data Configuration: 7 or 8 data bits, 1 or 2 stop bits, odd/even/no parity

Digital Transmission

Transparent Mode: Data is transmitted with a system and group address. Data transmission begins as serial data is received – maximum packet size is 530 bytes. All modules, with correct system address, which receive the data packets, outputs the data - error checking is optional.
Controlled Mode: Data is transmitted in packets with a system address, source address, destination address, up to five intermediate repeater addresses, and a 16 bit CRC error check. If the packet is received with a correct error check, only the destination module will output the data and will also return an ACK transmission. If the source module does not receive the ACK, it will retry a further four times. DCD provides communications status.Auto-connect and dial-up-control modes are available.
Flow Control: CTS/RTS provided based on input buffer availability.

Radio Specifications

Radio Transceiver:
Single Channel, sythesised transceiver
869.4 - 869.65MHz, 250kHz channel. 430 - 490MHz
Transmit Power:
Expected line of sight range: 5km at 19,200 bits/sec, extendable with up to 5 intermediate repeaters for controlled mode and an unlimited number for transparent mode.
RF Data Transmission Rate: 19200 baud, 38400 baud, 76800 baud.
Antenna Connection: SMA Coaxial



Temperature Range: -40°C to +60°C
Humidity: 0 to 99% non-condensing

Input Power

Supply Voltage: 10 to 30V DC or 10 to 24V AC
Normal Current Drain: 70mA @ 12V DC or 50mA @ 24vDC.
Transmitting Current Drain: 350mA @ 12V DC or 250mA @ 24vDC.
Low Power Mode Current Drain: 20mA @ 12V DC or 15mA @ 24VDC


Housing: Powder-coated, extruded aluminium
Dimensions: 114 x 185 x 30mm
Mounting: 'T' section 35mm DIN rail to EN 50022

Components / Downloads

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Radio Modems 


WMO-800S Series, High Speed Modem for Industrial Wireless Applications. Power supply 10-30vDC, frequency range 869.525MHz with a 500mW transmitter power. Single serial port for RS485 or RS232 connections.




Worldwide Frequency Licencing



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WMO-800S Series, High Speed Modem for Industrial Wireless Applications. Power supply 10-30vDC, frequency range 869.525MHz with a 5mW transmitter power. Single serial port for RS485 or RS232 connections.



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