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Subsea Differrential Pressure Transmitter PD33-39X

Subsea Differrential Pressure Transmitter PD33-39X

4+ Weeks Del.

Quick Overview

Subsea differential pressure transmitters, ranges up to 600 bar differential with external case pressure up to 400 bar. Fitted with Sub Con connectors. Suitable for seawater applications. Series 33 units are digitally compensated with a total error band of 0.1% for 0-10v, 0-5v or 4-20mA O/P. Also special high precision unit available with RS485 O/P with 0.01% accuracy.


Specification - PD39X
Presure Ranges PD39X to 600 Bar static, and 600 bar DP
Output Signal RS485 (digital)
4...20 mA (2-wire)
0...10 V (3-wire)RS485 (digital)
Accuracy, Error Band
(10…40 °C)

typ. 0,05 %FS (digital)
typ. 0,15 %FS (2-wire)
typ. 0,1 %FS (3-wire)

Long Term Stability typ. Gauges: 1 mbar or 0,05 %FS
Absolute: 0,5 mbar or 0,025 %FS (10…40 °C)
Resolution 0,002 %FS
Connector Subcon BH type subsea connector

Availability: In stock

Price range : £1,290.00 - £1,888.58

Price as configured: £1,290.00

Price as configured: £1,290.00


Part Builder

Description       Submersible differential pressure sensor with 316 stainless steel body and wetted parts, Subcon BH connector, accuracy 10-40 deg C - RS485 0.1%, 4-20mA 0.1%, 0-10v 0.1% FSD, with 1/4 BSP female threads. External case pressure up to 400 bar ( suitable for immersion in 4000M seawater ).