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SSE-232 Ethernet Web Enabled Digital Acquisition Unit

SSE-232 Ethernet Web Enabled Digital Acquisition Unit

Quick Overview

The SSE-AI Ethernet module can monitor up to 8 digital state or pulse count inputs and publish the status to our M2M web interface, with real time monitor pages and historic data shown in table and graphs views. SMS and email alerts are easily configured from the web interface to notify users of alarm conditions. All historical data can be downloaded in XLS format, and regular email reports can be configured.
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  • Monitor and log digital state inputs such as relays and switches
  • Monitor and log pulse inputs from water, electricity or gas meters
  • Logged and real time data displayed on our M2M web interface
  • Sends SMS text messages and / or emails on alarm

Technical Features

  • Wide range power supply 9-26vAC or 9-30vDC.
  • Automated recovery in case of lost communication.
  • Counts pulse inputs up to 4Hz
  • Each channel configurable for digital state or pulse input

Configuration Features

  • Web Page configuration.
  • Password protected configuration.

  • Remote monitoring of water, gas and electricity meters
  • Building and Home Automation
  • Industrial Automation
  • General Applications for Data Acquisition.
  • Remote Monitoring Systems
  • Access Control and Security Systems.
  • PLC´s and SCADA systems.
To view our M2M web interface publishing data from the SSE and other remote data acquisition devices click here

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SSE-232 ethernet to web digital acquisition module, with 8 digital inputs for digital state or pulse count ( up to 4 Hz )
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