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Jun 14,2017
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SNAPWA - MiniWater Mini Replacement Snaphead
  • SNAPWA - MiniWater Mini Replacement Snaphead


Quick Overview

MiniWater Micro Replacement Snaphead. Flow velocity range 0-5m/s. Sensing head 11mm diameter x 15mm. Suitable for use with the following MiniWater probe part numbers: MIWA2011; MIWA0611; MIWA6011; MIWA6411; 95.0010; 95.0296; 95.0304; 95.0352.


Snap heads for 10m/s MiniWater Micro Turbine Anemometer Probes.

All MiniWater probes are designed with a snap head turbine anemometer with a separate probe handle that contains all the electronics. The probes include a synthetic plastic construction snap head with an Aluminium turbine that are suitable for measuring liquid flows. The MiniWater probes can be used in open channel water course and as such can be prone to damage by debris, plants or wildlife getting into the turbine. The replacement snap head turbine design allow the turbine to be replaced on site to continue measurements using the same probe.

The snap-head fixing system makes it very simple to fit a new impeller to the flow probe, whilst being secure enough to not be removed whilst in the water. Being able to replace a damaged probe quickly and easily saves losing time and money for a water flow monitoring process. To replace a damaged snap head, the old snap head should be pulled directly from the handle and the replacement head pushed directly on to the handle. The original calibration is retained and no adjustments should be required.

The SNAPWA15 can be used with the following MiniWater versions:

Snap Head Principle

  • MiniWater 6, Part Ref: MIWA0611, 95.0296
  • MiniWater 20, Part Ref: MIWA2011, 95.0010
  • MiniWater 60, Part Ref: MIWA6011, 95.0304
  • MiniWater 64, Part Ref: MIWA6411, 95.0352

A snap-on head can only be replaced by a snap-on head of the same size for the same model, i.e. Micro for Micro, Mini for Mini and Macro for Macro. Trying to use this MiniWater snap-on head for any other anemometer, will cause the probe to lose its specification regarding accuracy.

SNAPWA15 is the replacement part for part no. 95.0017.

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