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Mar 12,2018
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SER-9514 Tinytag Transit & CO2 Logger Service Kit
  • SER-9514 Tinytag Transit & CO2 Logger Service Kit


Quick Overview

Service Kit for Tinytag Transit 2 & CO2 data loggers. This kit contains a replacement battery and a service instruction sheet for the Transit 2 (TG-4080 & TG-4081) and CO2 (TGE-0010 & TGE-0011) data loggers.


SER-9514 Tinytag Transit 2 (TG-4080/1) Service Kit

For use with logger models:
TG-4080, TG-4081. (Also suitable for back up battery in the TGE-0010 & TGE-0011 data loggers).

1. Remove the data logger’s lid and gently slide the battery out of its holder.
2. Wait at least one minute and then insert the new battery, observing the correct polarity, and taking care not to touch the unit’s circuit board - both LEDs should flash briefly.
3. Place the data logger on its inductive pad, or plug in its communication cable, and check that Tinytag Explorer can communicate with it.
4. Refit the lid.

The battery supplied in this service kit may be of a different type and size than the one originally fitted in the logger. This smaller CR2325 battery has a reduced capacity from the previous type, and if logging intervals of less than five seconds are used continuously the battery life of the logger will be less than one year.

A link below is provide to the Tinytag Transit 2 and CO2 data loggers, The pages also include the service kits and other accessories for these loggers.

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