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QI-POWER-485-LV Energy / Power Meter
  • QI-POWER-485-LV Energy / Power Meter


Quick Overview

QI-Power Energy/Power Meter suitable for low voltage single phase AC RMS/DC Current & Voltage. Current Range: up to 50A AC/DC. Voltage Range: up to 80vAC or 100vDC. RS485 Modbus RTU output. DIP Switch and PC programming. Power Supply 9-30vDC. DIN Rail mounting, dimensions: 46.1 x 63 x 26.4mm.


The QI-POWER-485-LV is the 'Low Voltage' version of the single phase power meter QI-POWER-485. The sensor is a network analysers capable of measuring the RMS AC, or DC, Current and Voltage levels of a connected circuit.The QI-Power units provide an RS485 Modbus RTU output for interfacing to your monitoring equipment. The unit is programmed using the Facile QI-Power-485 interface software, or directly via RS485 using the DIP Switches and cycling the power.

Facile QI-POWER-485 Interface SoftwareFacile QI-POWER-485 Software

The free interface program Facile QI-POWER-485 is the fastest way to configure the device. The software has only one configuration screen, shown on the right, which allows all the parameters to be configured. The changes made to the program act on the Modbus registers of the QI-POWER-485. In the event you need to restore the default configuration, just press the button FACTORY DEFAULT and the original settings will be restored.

Using a serial link RS485-USB (eg. USB-i485 RS485 to USB Converter) you can connect the QI-POWER-485 with the interface program FACILE QI-POWER-485. The software allows you to set the Modbus address, baudrate, delay, the TV and TA ratio, to modify a filter in order to have fastest responce time instead of a more stable measurement (filter range from 1-speed to 5-accuracy) and to measure frequency on current channel instead of voltage channel. The software is available to download free of charge.

A second way to programming the QI-POWER-485 is by using the Modbus Register Map directly. The register map is available on request.


QI-POWER-485-LV Drawings

QI-POWER-485-LV Circuit Diagram

QI-POWER-485 Network Analyser

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