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LPMS-URS2 RS232 & USB Inertial Measurement Unit
  • LPMS-URS2 RS232 & USB Inertial Measurement Unit


Quick Overview

LPMS-URS2: 9-Axis IMU/AHRS/Motion Sensor with RS232 and USB connectivity. Accelerometer: 3 axes, ±20/±40/±80/±160m/s² (16 bits); Gyroscope: 3 axes, ±125/±245/±500/±1000/±2000°/s (16 bits); Magnetometer: 3 axes, ±4/±8/±12/±16 gauss (16 bits); Barometric Pressure: 300 to 1100hPa. Data output format: Raw Data; Euler Angle; Quaternion @ up to 400Hz. Power supply 5 to 30vDC (RS232), 5vDC (USB). Dimensions: 34 x 34.5 x 15.7mm, weight: 20g. The LPMS-URS2 includes a DB9 serial port for RS232 output and a micro USB port for USB 2.0 output. Units supplied with Micro USB cable, User guide card and 1 year warranty. Software: C++ library for windows, LpmsControl software and Open Motion Analysis Toolkit (OpenMAT) for windows.


The LPMS-URS2 Motion Sensor is a miniature inertial measurement unit (IMU) and attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) with USB and RS232 connectivity. The unit is very versatile, performing accurate, high speed orientation and displacement measurements. By the use of three different MEMS sensors (3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis magnetometer) for drift-free, high-speed orientation data around all three axes is achieved. Integrated temperature and barometric pressure sensors allow accurate altitude measurements. The LPMS-URS2 can be connected to a host system either via a USB or RS232 connection. High data transfer rates allow sampling rates of up to 400Hz. The LPMS-URS2 can be used for both machine and human motion measurements.

FeaturesLPMS-URS2 Dimensional Drawing

  • MEMS Miniature inertial measurement unit (IMU)
  • Integration of 3-axis gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, temperature and barometric pressure sensor in one unit
  • Real-time, on-device calculation of sensor orientation, linear acceleration and altitude
  • Data output rates of up to 400Hz
  • Variety of wired interfaces: RS232 and USB 2.0



  • Human motion capture
  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices
  • Sport performance evaluation
  • Drone flight control



Wired Interface RS232 USB 2.0
Max Baud Rate 921.6KBit/s 921.6KBit/s
Communication protocol LpBUS LpBUS
Orientation range 360° about all axes
Resolution < 0.01°
Accuracy < 2° RMS (dynamic) < 0.5° (static)
Accelerometer 3 axes, ±2 / ±4 / ±8 / ±16 g, 16 bits
Gyroscope 3 axes, ±125, ±245, ±500, ±1000 or ±2000 °/s, 16 bits
Magnetometer 3 axes, ±4, ±8, ±12 or ±16 gauss, 16 bits
Pressure sensor 300 – 1100 hPa
Data output format Raw data / Euler angle / Quaternion
Sampling rate Up to 400Hz
Power consumption 155 mW @ 3.3V
Power supply 5–30vDC 5vDC
Connector DB9 Female Micro USB-B
Case Material ABS Plastic Shell
Dimensions 34 x 34.5 x 15.7mm
Weight 20g
Temperature range -40 to +80°C
Software C++ library for Windows, LpmsControl software and
Open Motion Analysis Toolkit (OpenMAT) for Windows.

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