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Serial Line Voltage Level Converters, RS232, RS422, and TTL

Serial Line Voltage Level Converters, RS232, RS422, and TTL

Quick Overview

The Microbotics serial converters offer full duplex serial line level conversion that supports connections to RS232, RS422, and TTL devices. Use of these converters allows a device with an RS232 port to obtain higher data rates and longer cable lengths. In addition, the small size of the Microbotics RS232-RS422 converters allows them to be wired directly into a harness.
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The SLC10232 is a single channel serial converter that provides RS232/RS422 or RS232/TTL conversion.

The SLC10422-TTL is a single channel serial converter that provides RS422/TTL conversion.

The SLC22232 is a dual channel serial converter that provides conversion of two full duplex channels with a single board.

RS232 to/from RS422 Serial Converter Features:
  • Extremely small serial level converter
    1.30 x .30 in. (33.0 x 7.6 mm) for the SLC10232 and SLC10422-TTL
    1.53 x .63 in. (38.9 x 16.0 mm) for the SLC22232
  • Provides bi-directional channels, each of which converts RS232 signals from a computer to/from RS422 or TTL format for a variety of digital devices
  • Designed to be wired directly into the wiring harness
  • On board mid-level voltage reference to support TTL <=> RS-232 conversion
  • Wide supply range, 4 VDC to 40 VDC
  • 30 Day Free Support
Typical Applications for the RS232 to/from RS422 Serial Converter
  • Industrial serial communications
  • Interconnecting serial communication devices including RF transceivers, navigation instruments, and payloads
  • Extending RS 232 communication links over long distances and through noisy environments

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SLC10422-TTL single channel serial converter with RS422/TTL.
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