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LPMS-CU 9-Axis IMU  AHRS Motion  Sensor with CANbus and USB Connectivity

LPMS-CU 9-Axis IMU AHRS Motion Sensor with CANbus and USB Connectivity

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Quick Overview

The LPMS-CU Motion Sensor is a miniature inertial measurement unit (IMU) and attitude and heading reference system (AHRS). The unit uses triple axis accelerometer, gyro and magnetomer sensors and an integral Kalman filter to provide full orientation data in CAN BUS format via RS232 or USB serial connection as Quaternion or Euler angles, and also provides raw sensor measurements for x,y,z acceleration, pitch, roll yaw rate of turn and magnetometer data. The LPMS-CU is ideal for many applications such as human motion monitoring, machine monitoring and robot / UAV INS / AHRS applications.
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The LPMS-CU Motion Sensor CAN bus and USB version is a miniature inertial measurement unit (IMU) and attitude and heading reference system (AHRS). The unit is very versatile, performing accurate, high speed orientation and displacement measurements. By the use of three different MEMS sensors (3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis magnetometer) drift-free, high-speed orientation data around all three axes is achieved. The included temperature and barometric pressure sensors allow accurate height measurements. The LPMS-CU can be connected to a host system either via a CAN bus, or USB connection. High data transfer rates allow sampling rates of up to 500 Hz. The LPMS-CU fits both machine and human motion measurements for size and cost sensitive applications.

  • Miniature 3D orientation sensor
  • Quaternion / Euler angle output
  • USB / CAN bus interface
  • Low-drift, high accuracy
  • Up to 500 Hz sampling speed
  • State-of-the-art sensor fusion
  • Gyroscope auto-calibration
  • Magnetic disturbance rejection
  • Fully calibrated, ready-to-use
  • Linear acceleration output
  • Optional altitude/temperature output. Not available with Aluminium housing option.
  • Optional heave motion firmware provides linear vertical acceleration, velocity and displacement.
  • Supports Win, OSX, Linux, Android
Communication interface CAN Bus, USB 2.0
Communication protocol LpCAN / CANOpen (CAN port), LpBus (USB port)
Weight Standard package: 12.8 g
Rugged package: 50.6 g
Orientation range 360° about all axes
Resolution < 0.05°
Accuracy < 2° (dynamic) < 0.5° (static)
Accelerometer 3 axes, ±20 / ±40 / ±80 / ±160 m/s2, 16 bits
Ranges are user configurable via software
Gyroscope 3 axes, ±250 / ±500 / ±2000 °/s, 16 bits
Ranges are user configurable via software
Magnetometer 3 axes, ±130 – ±810 uT, 16 bits
Pressure sensor 300 – 1100 hPa
Data output format Raw data / Euler angle / Quaternion
Sampling rate 5 – 500Hz
Power consumption 165 mW @ 3.3V
Power supply 2.5–18vDC
Connector Micro USB, type B
Case material Standard Package: Polyastyrol plastic
Rugged Package: Aluminium
Temperature range -40 to +80°C
Software C++ library for Windows, Java library for Android, LpmsControl software and Open Motion Analysis Toolkit (OpenMAT) for Windows.

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Components / Downloads

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LPMS-CU IMU/AHRS unit with 3 axis accelerometers range +/- 2/4/8/16 g, 3 axis gyros range +/- 250/500/200 deg/sec and three axis magnetometer, +/- 130-810 uT. Unit outputs data in CANBUS/USB format - x,y,z acceleration, pitch, roll, yaw rate of turn, x,y,z magnetometer data, and 3D orientation - pitch, roll and yaw angle as Quaternion and Euler angles. Power supply 2.5-18vDC 165mW. Sample rate 5-500Hz. Dimensions 37x28x17mm. Supplied with software development kit - C++ library for windows, Java library for Android, LpmsControl software and Open Motion Analysis Toolkit ( OpenMAT) for windows.
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Heave motion firmware upgrade for LPMS IMU units . Provides real time vertical displacement and linear vertical acceleration and velocity data.

Not Available online

Data Logger
ADAQ data logger with CANBUS input suitable for LPMS CANBUS output, logs up to 8 LPMS IMU parameters such as euler angles, x,y,z, linear acceleration, gyro rates and heave motion. The logger also has 10 analogue inputs suitable for a wide range of sensors for load, pressure, temperature, displacement etc.
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DAWN Edit PC software. Allows for the configuration of the logger, has a database editor to relate CANBUS parameters to network messages, and converts messages to scaled, engineering parameters. Export function converts ADAQ raw data files to CSV fomat.
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DAWN plotting software for presentation of downloaded data from ADAQ and OBD mini data logger. Shows logged data in graph format with zoom facility.
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