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Tracker 211 Universal Input Panel Indicator

Tracker 211 Universal Input Panel Indicator

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Quick Overview

The Tracker 211 series of universal input indicators comprises a range low cost LED displays in a standard 1/8 DIN case. The Tracker 211 can be directly connected to most popular process sensors including Thermocouple (Types K, T, J, N, R and S), RTD, 20mA loop Transmitters and DC signals up to 100mV and 10V. Temperature can be displayed in °C or °F to 0.1 degree resolution. Millivolt, 10 Volt and 20mA DC signals can be scaled to engineering units using any portion of the -1999 to 9999 display range (with an adjustable decimal point position). The T211 can provide up to 3 relay outputs and a linearised 4-20mA output. The powerful menu-driven software enables fast flexible set-up from the front panel or via the serial communications interface. No adjustments of internal potentiometers, internal links or plug-in cards are necessary. Units can be mains or 12-32vDC powered with
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T211 A Budget Priced Universal Input Panel Indicator
for Temperature and Process Measurement.


  • Low Cost 
  • Transmitter & Transducer Supplies 
  • One Relay Fitted as Standard 
  • Bright Four Digit Display (Red) 
  • Easy Stock Holding 
  •  IP65 Front Panel 
  • Universal Mains Power 
  • 110mm Deep 
  • Standard 1/8th DIN size 
  • Available With or Without Front Panel Buttons
  • Green Display 
  • Isolated Analogue Output 
  • Low Voltage DC/AC Power Supply Option 
  • Up to 3 Alarm Relays 
  • Tough but Attractive

The enclosure uses flame retarding (VO) materials and the front panel conforms to IP65. Less than 110mm deep behind the panel.
Transducer Excitation Supplies
Fitted as standard to power both pressure/strain gauge (10VDC) sensors or two wire (24VDC) 20mA loops.

Clear Display
The flat, slightly recessed display together with high brightness red or green LEDs ensure maximum visibility even in difficult lighting conditions.

Universal Power Input
Wide ranging 90 to 265 VAC input allows worldwide installation. Low voltage AC/DC option available.

Universal Input
For Thermocouple, RTD, 20mA, 10v and 100mV signals.

Front Panel Buttons (Optional)
Front Panel Buttons can be fitted to allow fast and easy access to the alarm setpoints or when the Tare, Zero or Max/Min functions are to be used.

Configuration Buttons
Two hidden configuration buttons behind the front panel allow full configuration.

Units of Measurement
Engineering unit labels are supplied for the most common measurements including temperature, flow, distance, power and pressure.

The Tracker 211 indicator is designed for cost conscious "no frills" applications in demanding industrial environments. With the universal input, stock/spares holding is kept to a minimum. The Tracker 211 can be used for measurement and display only applications, as an alarm trip and can act as a transmitter with the analogue output option. An alarm relay is fitted as standard with a further two available as options. The Tracker 211 is styled to match other Tracker 200 series indicators.  

Universal Input
The Tracker 211 can be directly connected to most popular process sensors including Thermocouple, RTD, 20mA loop Transmitters, DC signals up to 100mV and 10V. Temperature can be displayed in °C or °F to 0.1 degree resolution. Millivolt, 10 Volt and 20mA DC signals can be scaled to engineering units using any portion of the -1999 to 9999 display range (with an adjustable decimal point position). There are six linearised thermocouple ranges for types K, T, J, N, R and S. Thermocouple inputs have automatic cold junction compensation (CJC) with up-scale sensor burnout detection. Two RTD ranges are available. Zero, Tare and Max/Min memory functions are available on versions fitted with front panel buttons.
Sensor Excitation
An isolated 24VDC transmitter supply is provided as standard to provide power for 2 wire (4-20mA) sensors. In addition a regulated 10VDC (50mA) output is provided for strain gauge type sensors such as pressure transducers and load cells.

Alarm Relays
The Tracker 211 has one alarm relay fitted as standard and can be fitted with up to three alarm relays. Setpoints can be set at time of configuration or can be adjusted using the hidden buttons behind the front panel. If the setpoints are to be adjusted frequently, front panel buttons can be fitted as shown above. Each alarm can be configured to be high or low acting.

Analogue Output (Optional)
The measured value can be transmitted as a linear 4-20mA signal to other devices such as chart recorders or data loggers. The output can be scaled to any portion of the display range, e.g. 4-20 mA = 500 to 800 (psi). The analogue output always follows the displayed value, so when using Thermocouples and RTDs, the analogue output is linear to temperature.

The instrument can be configured using concealed buttons, which are situated behind the front panel. The Tracker 211 prompts the user for each set-up parameter. For users that need to configure many units, a Windows compatible software program is available for set-up, storage and downloading to the Tracker 211. A special adapter lead can be provided to connect an RS232 interface on the computer to the programming port on the Tracker 211.

Tracker 211 indicators have been tested and comply with the European Electromagnetic Compatibility Directives and safety requirements. The units are CE marked.

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Price range : £198.38 - £396.76

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Price as configured: £198.38


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Description       T211 Low Cost Universal Input Indicators. Universal input suitable for thermocouples, PT100's, 4-20mA, 0-100mV, 0-10V. Isolated 24vDC/10vDC sensor excitation. bright LED display (14.2mm high), operating range 10-50°C, front panel IP65.

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Tracker 211 Digital Display
Tracker 211 Digital Display
Tracker 211 Universal Input Panel Mounted Display. 4 Digit red, or green, LED display with optional front programming buttons and mains or 12-32vDC power supply. Options for 1, 2 or 3 alarm relays and an isolated linear 4-20mA output.
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Tracker 211 Indicator Configuration Software
Windows compatible configuration software for Tracker 211 range of universal input panel meters.
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Certificate of Conformity
Certificate of conformity for Tracker display,
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