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CDI5450 Hot Tap Compressed Air Flow Meter
Kenny Laidlaw
Jun 14,2017
The CDI 5450 is a hot tap compressed air flow meter is a modified version of the 5400 compressed more >
A range of data loggers for logging temperature and humidity with integrated sensors or connection for any of the HC2 range of temperature and humidity probes. The HygroLog HL20 has integrated temperature and humidity sensors, whilst the HygroLog NT loggers will connect to any of the HygroClip probes. The NT series can also be connected to docking stations that can serve as a mounting bracket, power supply and interface. The LOG-HC2 system consists of wireless transmitters with LAN or USB receiver stations for systems with up to 100 data loggers. This section also includes the HygroWin probe with a USB interface for direct connection to a PC.
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HygroLog HL-1D Data Logger
HygroLog HL-1D & TL-1D Data Logger
The new HygroLog HL-1D and TL-1D data loggers suitable for relative humidity and temperature, or just temperature logging and display. These loggers have integrated temperature and humidity sensors with an internal memory for up to 32,000 readings. Units are fitted with a clear LCD with visual alerts and a long life battery (up to 3 years logging at 5min interval. These unit are ideal for use across all industries, commerce and research organisations. Operating ranges -20 to +70°C and 0 to 100% RH with an accuracy of 0.3 C and 3.0%RH.
Price range : £7.00 - £88.00
HL-20D HygroLog Data Logger
HygroLog HL20 Data Logger
The HygroLog HL20 series are data loggers for relative humidity, temperature, dew point and frost point monitoring. These loggers have integrated temperature and humidity sensors with an internal memory for up to 20,000 date and time stamped readings. Units are available with or without a display and are powered by 3 x AA batteries. These unit are ideal for use in pharmaceutical clean rooms, storage facilities, manufacturing areas, buildings, museums or any other critical area. Operating ranges -10 to +60°C and 0 to 100% RH with an accuracy of 0.3°C and 1.3%RH.
Price range : £230.00 - £388.00
LOG-HC2 Data Logger
LOG-HC2 Robust Universal Data Logger
The LOG-HC2 is a robust data logger with an integrated LCD screen. The unit has two inputs for connecting any of the HC2 range of probes plus internal sensors for measuring air pressure, light and acceleration. The units can also be fitted with 4 additional analog inputs of 2 x 0-5V and 2 x 4-20mA, alarm output, switching power supply and inputs to start/stop logging. The logger has an internal memory for over 2 million readings and uses an internal 2300mAh rechargeable Lithium polymer battery.
Price range : £64.00 - £719.00

2-3 Weeks Del.

HygroLog NT Data Logger
HYGROLOG NT Humidity and Temperature Data Logger
The HygroLog NT is a state of the art temperature and humidity data logger providing high accuracy measurements. Operating ranges 0-100% RH and -30 to +70°C (-10 to +60°C, with display). Utilising flash memory, up to 1,500,000 readings can be stored on a 128MB Flash Card. The HygroLog units now work with the HC2 range of probes, available in the Temperature and Humidity section.
Price range : £29.00 - £757.00

1 Week Del.

Docking Stations for HygroLog NT dataloggers
Docking Stations for HygroLog NT dataloggers
A range of docking station for use with the HygroLog data logger and HygroClip probes. Docking stations allow for a variety of options. These include: additional inputs for up to 4 HygroClip probes, PT100 sensors, digital & analogue inputs (0-2.5v & 0-20mA); interfacing via WLAN, Ethernet, RS485/RS232, USB and Internet Explorer; Relay outputs; and connection to an external power supply.
Price range : £29.00 - £897.00

2-3 Days Del.

LOG-HC2-RC Wireless Logger System for HygroClip 2 Probes
LOG-HC2-RC Wireless Logger System for HygroClip 2 Probes
The LOG-HC2-RC series consists of a small self contained transmitters that connect directly to any of the HC2 range of HygroClip probes. Each transmitter can operate for up to 6 years on its internal battery and holds up to 500,00 readings with and internal flash memory. The transmitters sends the data via a 433.92 MHz (US Version 913 MHz) radio transmitters to a central receiver unit up to 100m away. The receiver units then interface with a LAN interface or via USB to a laptop running the HW4 software. Systems can consist of up to 100 digital wireless dataloggers.
Price range : £9.00 - £798.00
HC2-WIN-USB HygroWin Temp & RH Probe
HC2-WIN-USB Temperature & Humidity Probe with USB interface
The HC2-WIN-USB converts a PC into a temperature and humidity measurement system. The HC2-WIN-USB provides a simple PC based temperature and humidity monitoring system, ideal for residential or office rooms. It is based on the AirChip3000 technology and is connected via its USB compatible interface cable directly to a PC.
Price range : £198.00 - £198.00

1 Week Del.

HW4 Software
HW4 Software
The HW4 software provides a practical interface for the configuration of the devices and for the display and recording of data collected from the HygroClip, HygroLog and HygroPalm devices.
Price range : £182.00 - £501.00
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