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Mar 12,2018
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Dairy Products Factory Flow Survey

Dairy Products Factory Flow Survey

Quick Overview

A leading producer of Scottish ice cream needed to make a survey of liquid flow rates across a range of processes on their site. Media types included potable water, milk, cream, and liquid ice cream. Pipework varied from two inches up to six inches. Omni Instruments provided a clamp on ultrasonic flow meter to measure all of these processes, initially on a hire basis. After the initial hire which proved both the measurement method, and the accuracy of the metering, the customer bought the equipment.


Time of flight or 'transit time' ultrasonic flow meters are ideal for measuring flow in full pipes of any consistent liquid such as water, oil, fuel, chemicals and solvents. Water with suspended solids can also be measured as longs as the proportion of solids is not too high.

  • Measure flow rate without cutting the pipe
  • Use one meter to measure a range of media types
  • Use one meter to measure flow in a range of pipe sizes
  • Easy to install and move from location to location around a site
  • Built in data logger records measurements over minutes, hours or days
  • Measure water, oil, fuel, chemicals, solvents, water based solutions, dairy products etc.

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