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APCI-3600 Noise and vibration measurement board

APCI-3600 Noise and vibration measurement board

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Quick Overview

The new noise and vibration multifunction board APCI-3600 provides almost every functionality needed in acoustic processes.
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Analog inputs (for all versions)
  • 8 SE or diff. (+/-) inputs
  • Sampling rate can be set between 2 and 200 kHz
  • SNR (signal/noise ration) > 105 dB
  • 24-bit resolution
  • One A/D converter per channel: simultaneous acquisition on all analog inputs
  • Gain 1 to 10, software-programmable
  • Input coupling AC, DC, GND, software-programmable for each channel
  • Antialiasing filter to avoid sampling errors
  • Overvoltage protection
Current sources
  • 4 current sources for the direct connection of ICP™ sensors (integrated circuit piezoelectric)
  • 4 mA typ., 24 V max.
Chronometer inputs (only for version APCI-3600)
  • 4 chronometer inputs, RS485, 32-bit for revolution counting
  • 2 gate inputs
Analog outputs (only for version APCI-3600)
  • 2 analog outputs: both outputs are started synchronously with the A/D converter. Arbitrary function generators can be programmed.
  • Settling time: 5 μs
  • 16-bit resolution
  • Simultaneous sampling on both channels
  • 13-bit accuracy
  • DAC type: R-2R
  • Output range: ± 10 V
Digital (only for version APCI-3600)
  • 8 digital inputs, 24 V, optically isolated
  • 8 digital outputs, 24 V, optically isolated
Onboard SDRAM module
  • 128 MB (256 MB or 512 MB on request)

The following applications can be realised with the APCI-3600:
  • Noise measurement with fault diagnosis on gear and drive over FFT: Encoders are connected to the chronometer inputs and microphones are connected to the analog inputs. Encoders measure the position of the drive and the analog inputs measure the noise of the system at a specific position. For this purpose the analog inputs and the chronometer inputs are controlled synchronously. To each analog sample belongs a position of the chronometer. The synchronisation results from a FFT.
  • Measurement of the transfer function of a DUT ("Device Under Test").
  • Noise analysis: Evaluation of a washing maschine, measurements in the automotive field, etc.

Analog inputs

Number: 8
Input type: Single-ended or differential through software
resolution: 24-bit
A/D Converter: Delta-Sigma, 5th order, multibit Delta-Sigma modulator
Gain: x1, x10 software programmable
Input ranges: Gain x1             ±10 V single-ended
                      Gain x1               ±5 V differential
                      Gain x10             ±1 V single-ended
                      Gain x10          ±0.5 V differential
Sampling rate fs : 2 kHz ≤ fs ≤ 200 kHz selectable through software
Selectable frequencies:        2 kHz ≤ fs         50 kHz ≤ fs         100 kHz ≤ fs
                                               ≤ 50 kHz             ≤ 00 kHz              ≤200 kHz
                                               50000 Hz          100000 Hz            200000 Hz
                                               40000 Hz            80000 Hz            160000 Hz
                                               33333 Hz            66667 Hz            133333 Hz
                                               25000 Hz            50000 Hz            100000 Hz
                                               20000 Hz
                                               16667 Hz
                                               12500 Hz
                                               10000 Hz
                                                 8000 Hz
                                                 5000 Hz
                                                 4000 Hz
                                                 3333 Hz
                                                 2500 Hz
                                                 2000 Hz
Oversampling: 64 x fs (for sampling rate fs)
Frequency precision: ± 50 ppm
FIFO depth: 128 DWORD, for the rigth and the left channel of the same ADC
Data transfer: DMA, I/O, IRQ
Transmission ripple (rel. to 1 kHz), max., DC-coupled:
                           2 kHz ≤ fs ≤  50 kHz:        -0.1dB, DC to 0.47 x fs
                         50 kHz ≤ fs ≤ 100 kHz:        -0.1dB, DC to 0.45 x fs
                       100 kHz ≤ fs ≤ 200 kHz:        -0.1dB, DC to 0.24 x fs
-3 dB bandwidth:
                            2 kHz ≤ fs ≤ 50 kHz:                    0.5 x fs
                          50 kHz ≤ fs ≤ 100 kHz:                   0.5 x fs
                        100 kHz ≤ fs ≤ 200 kHz:                0.358 x fs
Input coupling: AC, DC, GND, selectable through software
AC -3dB limit frequency: 1.6 Hz
Overvoltage protection: 
       R1-, L1-, R2-, L2-, L/R3+-, L/R4+-

              Max. direct current: ± 12 V, ± 200 mA
              Max. peak current (Inputs
              at 1 ms, 10% duty cycle):
± 12 V, ± 300 mA
       R1+, L1+, R2+, L2+
               Max. direct current: ± 36 V, ± 30 mA
               Max. peak current (pulse
               at 1 ms, 10% duty cycle):
± 36 V, ± 70 mA
ESD protection: > 2 kV, ESD protection through method 3015.17

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Components / Downloads

For further information, technical advice, or a quotation please call or email us. If you are not sure which product you need one of our technical sales advisors will be happy to discuss your application. We also accept company purchase orders by fax or post. Credit card orders can also be placed over the phone for any product.

APCI-3600 Noise & Vibration Measurement Board
Noise and vibration measurement board, 24-bit, multifunction board, 8 analog inputs, anti-aliasing filter.
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   Size: (1.02 MB)
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Simplified version of the APCI-3600 (without analog outputs, digital I/O and chronometer inputs)
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Connection Cables
Coaxial round connection cable.SMB coaxial female connector to BNC male connector with 2M cable.
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Coaxial round connection cable.SMB coaxial female connector to BNC male connector with 2M cable. (ST3600 = 8 x ST3601)
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Ribbon cable for the digital I/O port of the APCI-3600. 26-pin connector to 37-pin SUB-D male connector with bracket. Cable length 30cm.
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Ribbon cable for the chronometer and analog functions of the APCI-3600. 14-pin connector to 15-pin SUB-D male connector with bracket. Cable length 30cm.
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